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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000166.txt from 1996/01

From: Helen Emerson <helen.emerson@-----.NZ>
Subj: Re: Women Comp. for Clarinet
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 1996 21:58:16 -0500

>>> I am beginning work on a departmental honors project here at UTC for=
>>>bachelors in music. I am in searching for any and all names of women who=
>>>composed for the clarinet. The idea right now is to form an annotated li=
>>>of works as a reference for all clarinetists, and also to perform a=
recital of
>>>works composed by women. I have a few web pages, names, and a catalog of
>>>clarinet music in general to start with. I would appreciate any help=
from the
>>>list as to any further names, sites, pieces, recordings, or any other sou=

Hi, well I'm onto about the third thought on this topic now!! I'm busy=
writing up my own thesis, and my brain has gone to mush!!
Anyway, I had another thought! You might like to contact the International=
Alliance of Women Composers. They have a Web page, and an e-mail list. All=
the information is on the Web page. (Briefly, you can send a message to the=
list members at
I'm sure they would be keen to help you. I've only just joined IAWM list,=
but it seems that there are others on the list doing similar tasks to you -=
compiling references of compositions etc.=20

Oh, and re the Eve de Castro-Robinson Triple Concerto (1991), I should add=
that the work was selected as the NZ entry for the 1992 International=
UNESCO Rostrun in Paris, and has been performed several times here in NZ=
with great acclaim. I've heard it on the radio, and it really is a great=
work. There is a short bio of her in the New Grove Dictionary of Women=
Composers - another great reference tool!!

Good Luck

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