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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000163.txt from 1996/01

From: Jack Dannenberg <music@-----.COM>
Subj: Norbeck Pads
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 1996 21:04:19 -0500

> I have tried Norbeck pads and found the ones on the lower joint extremely
> hard to adjust. Because of their material they will not form a groove
> so you can't use a clamp to compensate for any slight misalignment. You
> need to float the pads and work all around the pad to adjust for areas
> that don't seal. They are very flexible so you don't just shift them in
> the cup. They might seal around the tone hole for 330 degrees and leak
> badly for 30 so you have to try and pull the leaking section alone
> farther out of the cup. Definitely not a job for amateurs like me but
> maybe somebody with experience can do it much easier. I never did get
> the pads sealed to my satisfaction but it was just an experiment on
> a test clarinet. So I can't even tell you if they were seated how I
> would like the pads.
> --
> Jack Dannenberg

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