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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000162.txt from 1996/01

From: Victor Freyer <vfreyer@-----.NET>
Subj: Clarinet FAQ January 1996 Edition (repeat)
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 1996 18:54:13 -0500

Greetings fellow Clarinettists!

I have put the January 1996 version of my Clarinet FAQ online at

I rummaged through the archives in December and added a substantial
amount of information.

Here is a list of changes in this edition:

Mouthpiece makers - additional information about the Kaspars,
and one other addition
Popular Mouthpiece/Ligature/Reed Combinations - information from
John Dohrmann's 1994 survey
Breaking in Reeds - new section
Bass Clarinets - added Clark Fobes' July 1995 comments
Has anyone heard of some old company that used to make clarinets?
This topic recieved its own heading.
Selmer (Paris) Dates of Manufacture - new section
History of the H. & A. Selmer Company - new section
Maintenance & Repair - Exterior Cleaning - new section
Method Books - significant additions excerpted from Richard Faria's
November 1995 survey
Warm-Up and Daily Practice - significant additions and on-line reference
Discography - three additions, one correction, minor reformatting
Bibliography - fourteen additions from the U.S. Library of Congress
on-line card catalog
On-line Resources - five new web page references
Catalogs, Services, and the Retail Trade - one addition

Here is the Table of Contents:

1. General Guidance
2. Mouthpieces, Barrels, and Ligatures
1. Mouthpiece makers
2. Barrel makers
3. Ligatures (more info welcomed)
4. Popular Mouthpiece/Ligature/Reed Combinations
3. Reeds
1. Which brands are the most consistent?
2. Comments about Variance of Vandoren reeds
3. Bernard Vandoren Answers Questions About Reeds
4. Breaking in Reeds
5. How do I get the longest life from my reeds?
6. How do I make my own reeds? (more info welcomed)
7. What about reed-working machines?
8. What about fibercane and other inorganic reeds?
4. Clarinets
1. Choosing the Right Clarinet
2. Bass Clarinets
3. Intonation
4. How old is my clarinet?
Buescher/Bundy, Boosey, Buffet, and Conn
Selmer (Paris)
Other Clarinets
5. History of the H. & A. Selmer Company
6. Has anyone heard of some old company that used to make
7. Can I buy/sell my clarinet in this forum?
8. Care and Maintenance
Pad Replacement
Bore Oil
Exterior Cleaning
5. Study
1. How can I... longer?
...tongue faster?
...double tongue?
2. Method Books
for Beginners
for Intermediate and Advanced Clarinettists
3. Warm-Up and Daily Practice
4. Literature
In a jazz vein
Solo works for the novice
Challenging Duos
Bass Clarinet Repertoire (reference)
6. Additional Resources
1. Discography
2. Bibliography
3. Periodicals
4. Music Libraries
5. International Music Centers
6. On-line Resources
Mailing Lists
Web Pages
7. How to use LISTSERV
1. How to Subscribe
2. How to Unsubscribe
3. Receive the day's messages in a single EMAIL
4. Suspend and restore service while you're away
5. How to search the LOG files
8. Catalogs, Services, and the Retail Trade

Because the FAQ is a set of web pages it is full of html tags and is
nearly unreadable as plain text. If you do not have WWW access but
do have a web browser (e.g. Netscape, Mosaic) and ask very politely
I could archive the files, compress them, uuencode them, and email
them to you. (Please do not ask me to do this.)

Please send me your comments and suggestions. Thanks,

Victor Freyer, Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert
Email: Phone: +1 314 235 0277
Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, One Bell Center 24-P-1
St. Louis, Missouri 63101 USA

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