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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000155.txt from 1996/01

From: Fred <fsheim@-----.COM>
Subj: Re: Women Comp. for Clarinet
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 1996 14:34:26 -0500

>> I am beginning work on a departmental honors project here at UTC for my
>>bachelors in music. I am in searching for any and all names of women who have
>>composed for the clarinet. The idea right now is to form an annotated list
>>of works as a reference for all clarinetists, and also to perform a recital of
>>works composed by women. I have a few web pages, names, and a catalog of
>>clarinet music in general to start with. I would appreciate any help from the
>>list as to any further names, sites, pieces, recordings, or any other sources.
> Dear Jean
>I find this a very interesting subject and I hope that this list will be of
>some use for you.
>Bacewicz Grazyna: Easy Pieces for clt and piano
>Desportes Yvonne: La Naissance d4un Pappillion for solo clt
>Desportes Yvonne Andante and Allegro for bassclt and piano
>Desportes Yvonne Le Petit Echiquier for clt and piano
>Desportes Yvonne Les Cabrioles de Clarino for clt and piano
>Eiriksdottir Karolina: Hringhenda (1989) for solo clt.
>Eiriksdottir Karolina: The Blue Maid (1983) for clt. violin and piano
> Eiriksdottir Karolina: Renku (1992) for clt. violin, cello and piano
> Eiriksdottir Karolina: Some Days (1982/1991) for soprano, flute, clt,
>cello and piano (Guitar & Hapsicord)
> Eiriksdottir Karolina: Mutanza (1991) for WW quintet and Hapsicord
>Fontyn Jaqueline: Mosaiques (1956) for clt and piano
>Fontyn Jaqueline: Mime II (1980) for clt and piano
>Fontyn Jaqueline: Controverse (1983) for bassclt and percussion
>Fromm-Michaels Ilse: Stimmungen eines Fauns op 11 for solo clt
>Gipps Ruth: Elephant God op 12e for clt. and drums
>Gipps Ruth: Prelude op 51 for solo Bassclt.
>Gipps Ruth: Sonata op. 45 for clt. and piano
>Gipps Ruth: The Kelpie of Corrievreckan for clt. and pianp
>Gotkovsky Ida: Images de Norvege for clt and piano
>Gotkovsky Ida: Concerto Lyrique
>Gotkovsky Ida: Concerto
>Gubaidulina Sofia: Punkte, Linien und Zickzack for bassclt and
>Gyering Elizabeth: Scherzando for solo clt
>Gyering Elizabeth: Adagio Cantabile for clt and piano
>Gyering Elizabeth: Little Serenade for clt and piano
>Gyering Elizabeth: Waltz for clt and piano
>Loudova Ivana: Two pieces for bassclt
>Lutyens Elizabeth: Five little pieces op 14/1 (1945) for clt
and piano
>Lutyens Elizabeth: In Memoriam for clt and piano
>Lutyens Elizabeth Valediction for clt and piano:
>Lutyens Elizabeth: This green Tide op 103 for Bhn and piano
>Lutyens Elizabeth: Trio op 52 for flute,clt and bassoon
>Lutyens Elizabeth WW quintet op 45 (1960)
>Lutyens Elizabeth Valley of Hatsu se op 62 for soprano,
flute, clt. cello
>and piano
>Lutyens Elizabeth Concertante for 5 players op 22, flute,
clt, violin,
>cello and piano
>Lutyens Elizabeth Suite gauloise for 2(oboe, clt, horn, bassoon)
>Musgrave Thea: Narcissus for clarinet with digital delay
> Sachen-Meiningen Marie-Elizabeth von: Romanza for clt and piano.
>Schleicher-Kraemer Caroline: Sonatine for clt and piano
>Tailleferre Germaine: Sonata for solo clt (1957)
>Tailleferre Germaine: Arabesque for clt and piano
>Thorkelsdottir Mist: Smalasoengvar (19889 for voice, clt and piano
>Thorkelsdottir Mist: Trio (1985) for clt.cello and piano
>Zieritz Grete von: "Die Jagd" for clt.horn and piano
>Zieritz Grete von: "Zlatorog" Melodram for bar.clt.horn and piano
>Zieritz Grete von: Berliner Psalm (1974) for voice, clt and piano
>Zieritz Grete von: Musik 1957 for clt and piano
>Zieritz Grete von: Quartett for soprano, oboe, clt. and harp
>Zieritz Grete von: Tanzsuite for guitar, clt, basson and
>Zieritz Grete von: Trio 1955 for clt. horn and piano
>Zieritz Grete von: Trio 1971 for oboe, clt and bassoon
>Kjartan Oskarsson
>Iceland Symphony Orchestra
>Tungata 47
>IS 101 Reykjavmk
>Tel. +354 552 9612

Hi Jean!

Just a quick note- it seems that all the women composers are from
our period in time. How come there were no women composers in the past and
the distant past? Might be a good thread to investigate in your project.

Fred (

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