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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000037.txt from 1996/01

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Subj: Re: Debussy Premiere Rha
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 1996 07:55:16 -0500

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Teri--Thanks! I didn't realize that the accompaniment was
originally for piano then orchestrated! That is interesting! Thanks!
Julianne Kirk
In a message dated 95-12-27 23:50:02 EST, you write:
Does anyone have any information on the Debussy Premiere

The Premiere Rhapsody was written for the 1910 Paris Conservatoire
Solos de Concours competition. Two years later Debussy
orchestrated the piano accompaniment. The following sources
give some insight:

Gee, Harry R. Clarinet Solos de Concours, 1897-1980, An Annotated
Kroll, Oskar. The Clarinet, Translated by Hilda Morris.

(I apologize profusely for the following - I have copies of the
articles, but not the volume or date of the issue! Perhaps some
kind soul with more sources than I can find it.)

Nygren, Dennis. "Debussy s works for clarinet - Part I." The
Clarinet, 40-42.
Nygren, Dennis. "Debussy s works for clarinet - Part II." The
Clarinet, 19-21.

Teri Herel

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