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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000656.txt from 1995/03

From: "Michael A. Cassara" <michael.cassara@-----.COM>
Subj: A few suggestions (Please Read)
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 1995 06:28:47 -0500

Hi Everyone,
Before I proceed please remember these are only my suggestions that are
intended to improving the list.

There are now over 400 subscribers on the Klarinet and some of the
questions are seeming repetetive. Many of you may not be aware
that there are archives with every message that has been posted on
the list since it's creation in 1992.

Here's a scenario: You need information on vibrato, you would like the
input of many list members and their opinions on the matter.
By doing a search of the archives you would get either an index of all
the titles of messages dealing with the subject, a printout of all the

For an index do the following:
1.) Send a message to LISTSERV@-----.BITNET
2.) The subject doesn't matter
3.) In the body type:
// Job Echo=no
Database search DD=Rules
//Rules DD *
search vibrato in Klarinet

You will then recieve a list of all messages with the word vibrato
mentioned. Keep in mind that you substitute vibrato with any
subject you may have an interest in. Once you get your index
follow the commands given by the listserv in your indexed message.

Scenario #2
Say you have an interest in a rather small topic such as circular breathing.
You are probably willing to have the messages sent in their full entirety as
it will not clutter your mailbox up.
1.) Address your message to LISTSERV@-----.BITNET
2.) Once again subject doesn't matter
3.) In the body of the message type:
// Job Echo=no
Database search DD=Rules
//Rules DD *
search circular breathing in Klarinet
Print all of

You will then recieve the full text of every message dealing with
Circular breathing.For more information on obtaining archives through
LISTSERV type Info DB in the body and send it to LISTSERV@-----.

ISSUE 2: Useless messages

I will not say too much on this as it is a rather touchy issue. I am not
trying to stir up controversy but rather I would like the list to be a
better place and resource. In the past week for example there was
information offered on a duet study course. I have nothing against it and
am very happy that Dr. Long offered this information. But the posting of
your home address is 1.) Not the smartest idea as you have no idea who
reads it... 2.) We don't care or need to know what it is 3.) It probably
would be a little easier for Dr. Long if you sent it direct to the E-Mail
address he supplied you with and not that of the KLARINET list that goes
to over 400 subscribers....

I have no power in this issue, and am merely stating my desire for a
better way to work this list that has become such a great
resource to us all.

I hope someone benefits from this message.

Michael A. Cassara
Cleveland, Ohio

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