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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000420.txt from 1995/03

From: Andrew Grenci <AGrenci@-----.COM>
Subj: Greetings, etc.
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 1995 23:09:30 -0500

Greetings Ray-

Thank you for the "mail" of several days ago. Sorry I didn't have time to
respond right away.

The USCG Band is treating me reasonably well. It is truly a luxury to have a
job which allows one to play music for a living. Still, I do wish that the
musical challenges were a bit greater in the band. We play a lot of music
which is really high school material, mixed in with some tougher pieces; but
nothing as challenging as a Strauss tone peom or as fulfilling as a Beethoven

Fortunately, there is much else going on to keep me musically inspired. My
trio has had a relatively busy year. I did a new arrangment of Gershwin's
"Three Preludes for Piano" for us, which has been very successful on three
concerts so far. We also have several new (to us) works which I found at the
Library of Congress when I was working in D.C. last May. We have played a
couple of these, and hope to work up more in the near future. Our recording
project is still not finished! Only one movement remains of the Villa Lobos
"Trio", but we just haven't had time to get it down on tape.

I have had some enjoyable orchestra performances also. With the Waterbury
Sym. Orch. I have recently played Prokofiev Fifth Sym. and Mussourgsky
"Pictures". I haven't had much in New Haven lately.

>From one e-mail junky to another: There is a clarinet listserver on Internet
which you might find interesting and fun. Many people (students, professional
players, college teachers, amateurs) exchange ideas and information, and
sometimes just "rant and rave". If you are interested, this is what to do:

send e-mail to: listserv@-----.bit saying, in all caps, SUBSCRIBE

I don't think you need to give your address. They'll know where to find you.
You will then start receiving a bunch of mail posted for all subscribers to
read. If you want to post a message for others, send it to:

I may be mistaken about the address for subscribing, as I have lost it. Try
it and see if it works. Otherwise let me know and perhaps I can find it
again. Or check a book called "The Internet Yellow Pages". I have found the
list stimulating and informative.

Thanks again for writing. I am very happy to hear how you are doing, an that
you are pleased with your school choice.

Bye for now,

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