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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000333.txt from 1995/03

From: Syd Polk <jazzman@-----.COM>
Subj: Re: ligatures and reeds
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 1995 18:56:13 -0500

I love Rovner. I have no idea if my sound on any of the 10 instruments
I used Rovners on is "darker", but I like the control I get with them.
I find that I usually have to get a size too big on the bigger instruments

As for Bari brand reeds, and other platic ones, I have given up. While the
sound has its own characteristics that may or may not be desirable, when I
was in the Marching Owl Band at Rice, they did not last as long as wooden
reeds. It seems that when I played bari and tenor in marching band, I would
tongue so hard that the plastic would chip, where the wood would not.
I never understood itt, but I did stop paying $8+ for rreeds that only
lasted a couple of games.


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