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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000263.txt from 1995/03

From: Laurence Liberson <hardreed@-----.COM>
Subj: Re: RE>Re- Hans Vonk...
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 1995 15:39:01 -0500

...and Neil said:

>Yes, Larry, that's fine. I'm quite well-versed in the backgrounds of all major
>conductors, past and present, European, Hungarian, American, etc., thank you
>very much. Apparently there still exists a small lacuna or two in my body of
>knowledge. AS for Blomstedt, I LIVE in San Francisco, you'll remember. He's
>on his way out, but I think I know where we found him. I suppose you'll ask me
>about Tilson Thomas next...

Hey, Neil...relax! My only point was to illustrate that there are many fine
conductors all over (inasmuch as most of us orchestral players would dispute
that!)...even some, such as Hans Vonk, a major conductor and a major talent
of whom you may not be aware.

I'm sure your knowledge is exceptional...You have mentioned a zillion
recordings, etc., with which you are "intimate"...That's one way to become
knowledgable; the other is to work with these people, as I have done...and
as the St. Louis Symphony and other orchestras have done, also!

BTW, I know you are in San Francisco, and I'm sure you know all about
Blomstedt. So do I: we worked with him here long before I believe San
Francisco ever heard of the guy! He was--and is--a very solid musician,
although not too exciting. I realize that there have been mixed reviews of
him there (and I'm referring to those in the SFSO that I'm spoken to, not
the papers), but again, what makes a successful situation is the mix between
the conductor and orchestra.

Yeah, and we've seen MTT, immense talent, if only he could let the
music escape the myriad personal problems he's had...but that's life.
Personally, I'd rather have Jarvi--every day with him is an adventure...the
guy rejoices in making music. He's practically the only conductor I've
seen--day in and day out--who is having a good time on the podium,
smiling...the way he conveys his art is extremely infectious to both the
musicians and the audience.

I don't listen to recordings to assess orchestras and conductors, etc...I'd
rather do it all first hand, i.e., going to live concerts, etc...but the
best way is to sit in the orchestra and see it for yourself...Sure, some of
those guys (and gals!) can fool us now and again; but, for the most part,
it's easy to see who *is* a conductor and who is beating time. Vonk is a
conductor...big time!

Larry Liberson
Detroit Symphony Orchestra

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