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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000250.txt from 1995/03

From: Christopher G Zello <czello@-----.EDU>
Subj: E-flat clarinet
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 1995 02:06:19 -0500

I remember hearing Peter Hadcock do a masterclass at the 1992 Clarinet
Fest in Cincinnati and mentioning all these different things he tried
with his e-flat to improve the pitch and make the instrument more
comfortable. First off, he said that his fingers were too broad, so he
removed the LH sliver key and had the hole plugged up with cork. Then, I
can't remember details, he said something about taking a drill to his
e-flat clarinet and drilling a vent in the bell just below the bell's
tenon ring. He justified this repair (which he did himself) by saying
that, if you do it, and hate it, you merely have to turn the bell to
close the vent. The audience gasped when he mentioned the words
"electric drill."

A while back someone asked about John Bruce Yeh's e-flat clarinet
equipment. Now, to the best of my knowledge (which is not necessarily
accurate), he plays a Vandoren B44 which he was given by Larry Combs.
This was the mouthpiece which LC played in the Chicago SO when he was the
Ass't/E-flat clarinet player. For many years JBY played a Buffet R13
e-flat clarinet, but since becoming involved with Yamaha, he plays a
(prototype) e-flat clarinet manufactured by the Yamaha Co. Please
understand that I will not take any type of responsibility for passing
mis-information. It is very easy to change mouthpieces or clarinets for
something you like better. I remember him saying to me in a lesson that
he has a deal with Yamaha where he plays their instruments, and if he
finds something he likes better, he is welcome to play them and not be
covered by Yamaha. Simple enough.

Christopher Zello

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