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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000240.txt from 1995/03

From: Victor Freyer <ff2637@-----.COM>
Subj: D. Stahl/Eb Clarinet/St. Louis Phil.
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 1995 16:32:15 -0500

Sometimes it's amazing how the discussions here converge!

In the last several days Mr. Leeson mentioned David Stahl, the Eb
clarinet has been a popular topic, and a member of the St. Louis
Philharmonic appeared.

A number of years ago (perhaps 15?) I played under Maestro Stahl as
an extra Eb player in performances of Mahler's 2nd with the St. Louis
Philharmonic. I vaguely recall assisting as a utility player on other
concerts as well. I always like to play Mahler, and his interpretation
had a good fit. He was successful in eliciting a very musical sound on
a challenging piece while working with the Philharmonic, which is basically
a volunteer orchestra.

In my casual avocation I have been fortunate to play for a couple of
conductors whom I feel are destined for greatness (or at least deserving
of success). David Stahl is one, and Carl St. Clair (for whom I also
played about 15 years ago), who is now with the Pacific Coast Symphony,
is another. I haven't seen Carl for several years, not since I
happened to be in Boston the same night as he was conducting The Pops.
Has anyone on the list played for him lately?

A community band that I'm in is rehearsing both the "Dance Suite from On
The Town" and the "Candide Suite." Both have exciting parts for the Eb.
In this context, "exciting" means lots of notes and several solo passages.
My E-fer is a dandy little Selmer that is surprisingly (to me) well in
tune with itself, and the mouthpiece/reeds I'm using allow me to adjust
the sour notes pretty easily.

And to Ms. Butzlaff with the St. Louis Philharmonic - if you need a
utility player or if there's an opening, please let me know. The
amateur orchestra I'm playing in now is not very satisfying (weak in
the strings and brass - but great clarinets!) and I'd be glad to help

Cheers, Victor

P.S. Work on the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions list) is still in progress
and progressing, albeit slowly.

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