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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000224.txt from 1995/03

From: Laurence Liberson <hardreed@-----.COM>
Subj: Re: mouthpiece makers
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 1995 09:22:09 -0500

Reading the references to David Hite (and his mouthpieces) brought to mind
(what little of it there is!) a story/incident:

In the very early 80's, David Hite published a little newsletter. He used
this primarily as an advertising vehicle, but he also informed all of us
about recent openings, positions filled, etc., with an added emphasis on
those who played on his equipment (naturally!).

As I had an audition coming up, I was interested in obtaining one of his
E-flat clarinet mouthpieces...After all, with all the superlatives attached
to it, how could I fail? I was not what you might call a real experienced
E-flat player at the time, so any and all assistance was more than welcome!

I called David Hite, wrote him, sent him my money (of which there wasn't
much!) and waited...and waited...and called...and inquired...and still
waited...and still no mouthpiece!

Finally, the mouthpiece arrived--two days before the audition! I may have
believed in miracles, but I wasn't *that* naive to even *try* it. What I
was using seemed to be just fine, thank you!

So I took the audition without that brilliant superior mouthpiece of my
dreams...and won the audition anyway!

About three days later, I received a phone call from (guess who?) David
Hite. He had called one of my (future) colleagues to inquire as to the
results of the audition so he could include it in his newsletter. He then
called me, was very gracious in hs congratulations and then asked:

"Did you use my mouthpiece for the audition?"

I then informed him that the mouthpiece only came just before the audition
and I wasn't about to screw around with new equipment at that time.

His response:

"Gee, if I knew what you needed it for, I would have gotten it to you much

Yeah, right!

Anyway, I tried the mouthpiece the following week...and put it back in it's
box, the only benefit derived being a miniscule tax write-off...and, to this
very day, I still have that job and David Hite's incredible E-flat clarinet
mouthpiece still sits in that box!

End of story.

Larry Liberson
Detroit Symphony Orchestra

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