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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000180.txt from 1995/03

From: Jay Heiser <pp001887@-----.COM>
Subj: Not necessarily consistent books (RE: Show books, Sound of Music,
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 1995 23:57:26 -0500

You're aware that shows are sometimes scored differently?
It'll be hard for us to be able to tell the difference between variant
arrangements and gaps in memory.

With the understanding that we can only do an approximate job of this
(Maybe responses should come with a certainty factor 1-I'm certain of
this-I have the score right here, 2-I'm pretty sure of this, 3-I think
so, 4-its been a long time, but I seem to remember....)

I'll try & remember the last one or two dozen shows I've done and
email it to you. Wait, I've got programs for every show I've done,
so that will help (although books still get rearranged a lot by individual
productions and that won't be apparent from the programs).

If you can put together a good list, I'd be willing to put this on my
WEB server.

(by the way, this mailing list is getting too active. Let's revisit
doing this with a usenet group)

---------------Original Message---------------
Hi Krista,

When I played The Sound of Music, the books were arranged like this:
Clarinet 1 & 2
Flute and Piccolo
Bassoon and Oboe
There were no general reed books. There wasn't even a sax book or part in
the score. I never checked to see if there was a bass, A, or Eb clarinet
book in the box. When I did the show there was another clarinet player
so we shared a stand and the "Clarinet 1 & 2" book. Good luck it's a fun

For everyone else out there:
I think it was Chris Zello who asked about the existence of a text devoted
to the breakdown of show books. While I know of no such book, I'm sure
all of us on the Klarinet List have a large knowledge of shows we've played
in the past. I am volunteering to compile such a list if you e-mail me with
some information:
1. Name of show
2. Breakdown of books
3. Composer/Orchestrator if known

I will take all of your info and make a list that I will then post on the
Klarinet. I think this will be very helpful to many people so I look forward
to your imput. Please send all information to MICHAEL.CASSARA@-----.COM

Don't send it to the list!! I'm sure we are all getting quite enough

Until later,
Mike Cassara
Cleveland, Ohio

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E-mail: (Jay Heiser)
03/06/95 20:57:26

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