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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000005.txt from 1995/03

From: David Gilman <dagilman@-----.EDU>
Subj: Re: Spelling
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 1995 16:18:42 -0500

> For a while I have been curious as to the correct spellings of c=
>words. I have checked dictionaries and much to my surprise have foun=
>variants in the spellings listed in the respective references. Can a=
>help me find the "correct" way of writing these words. Even if only=
> your
>personal testimony. I would appreciate any suggestions.
>Clarinettist- I have seen it as clarinetist, clarinnettist, and clari=
>it's safe to say clarinnettist can be disregarded as there are not 2 =
>in it. Is anyone aware of either the more common spelling or the pro=
>Saxaphone- Or is it saxophone? My ancient Websters Dictionary, proba=
>written around the time of Sax himself, lists it as saxaphone. The c=
>spell check has it as saxophone. I see it written both ways frequent=
>ly. Is
>a definitive definition for this? It is of particular annoyance to m=
>e as
>when I wrote a paper on Charlie Parker, I was first marked wrong by o=
>teacher for writing "saxophone" and after changing it, I was marked
>incorrect by a different teacher.
>I hope someone can help,
>Michael A. Cassara,=20
>Cleveland, Ohio
> =FF=FF =20

The spelling I have always used for the first entry is
"clarinetist." I believe the British preference has two t's. [To our
British friends, does it?!] As for the second, every recent dictionary I
have seen lists it as "saxophone."

Just as a historical curiosity, there was a variant spelling of
"clarinet" around the turn of the century as "clarionet." I saw it in a
1908 Sears Catalogue. Also, does anyone out there still use "hautboy" in
place of "oboe?"

David Gilman

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