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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000496.txt from 1995/01

From: Victor Freyer <ff2637@-----.COM>
Subj: Re: Service providers on Klarinet
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 1995 15:11:47 -0500

Mr. Pergler offered valuable suggestions for this mailing list's
appropriate use policy.

Since personal networking is expected to increase 500% by the year 2000
(and I foresee a big jump this year), we can expect to welcome many new
Klarinet readers. Now is time for us to figure out how we intend to
interact, both personally and commercially, so that the information
content remains high and the detritus low.

>1. All new members are encouraged...

I agree that new members with commercial interests should introduce
themselves and the companies and services they represent.

I prefer to do business with friends and acquaintances whose reputations I
know. It's reasonable for Klarinet subscribers to want to do business
with fellow subscribers.

** Unless the FAQ is maintained on a machine accessible only through

I will add a section to the (eventually to be released) FAQ for Klarinet
business listings. If readers would like to be listed, please EMAIL me a
25 words-or-less description of what is offered, plus complete phone and
postal address information. Indicate specifically if service by mail is
not available. (

Listing is limited to subscribers to the Klarinet mailing list.

>2. Adverising(sic) of services, or periodic infomercials are discouraged.

What "advertising" means to me is the inclusion of price information by
anybody or product comparisons by a commercial interest. Of course,
comparisons by ANYBODY should be regarded with skepticism.

Even the trivial but bothersome, "I have a clarinet for sale," is
not really appropriate here unless one has an item so unusual that
somebody from the other side of the continent (or world) would travel
to evaluate it.

>3. But exceptional news, even if related to a commercial endeavour...

By definition, 99 44/100% of press releases do not contain exceptional news.

>4. We should somehow establish a LISTSERV-retrievable document...

I agree completely. ;-)

>5. The info in 4. could say "email me to be put on a mailing list"...

A good businessperson will keep every customer contact and make her or
his best use of it. Solicited information is welcomed, broadcast
mailings are not.

I have only one additional suggestion:

Products that are not publicly announced should not be discussed in
this forum.

Cheers, Victor

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