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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000408.txt from 1995/01

From: Jim Freeman <collnjim@-----.EDU>
Subj: Re: Questions
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 1995 15:24:45 -0500

On Wed, 25 Jan 1995, Michael Cassara wrote:

> Ok Gang,
> New Address again?? I know I'm moving around a lot this should be permanent.
> Many things have happened recently and I have many questions.
> 1.) I'm still struggling through the Copland Clarinet Concerto. I am having
> trouble with some of the altissimo. I am playing on a Portnoy BP3
> mouthpiece and it is very difficult to be sure I am going to hit a high a.
> I can get it easily on a more open mouthpiece (Such as an old Selmer H.S. **
> someone loaned me). I am just wondering if any of you pros have any tips on
> getting solid tones in the higher range. Also are there any better
> fingerings for a high a than just "lipping up an f"? This works fine it is
> just not very definative.
> Michael A. Cassara
You might want to try fingering a high e, but using the F#/C# key instead
of the Ab/Eb. This works very well for me and many of my students.
Also, you could try Tom Ridenhour's Clarinet Fingerings book (published
by Leblanc) for more options. However ..... I've always found it helpful
to not give too much credibility to "first impressions" on any
fingering. Committing to a fingering for a week or two can give you a
much different impression of that fingering's potential.

Jim Freeman

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