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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000391.txt from 1995/01

From: Garrett Fitzgerald <gfitzger@-----.EDU>
Subj: Re: Questions
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 1995 21:28:51 -0500

> getting solid tones in the higher range. Also are there any better
> fingerings for a high a than just "lipping up an f"? This works fine it is
> just not very definative.

An f? I always use an overblown e -- is this the Wrong Thing To Do?
:-) Sometime I hold down the E/B key for better security..

> 2.) I now have Wide World Web (WWW) access. I feel as if I know something
> when I say that.

You think you know something now, wait till you get your home page up
and running. :-) Mine is at
<URL:>. The only thing
even _remotely_ clarinet-related is the Atwater-Donnelly Home Page, if
you consider tin whistles to be clarinet-related. :-)

> Well I wrote this whole message without once mentioning Stoltzman. :)

Missed it by _that_ much. :-) These days I prefer Shifrin, but
Stolzman's recording of the Rossini was the reason I learned it. My
teacher believed that the Intro, Theme & Vars. had to have been
editted from the original, because of all the high notes. Were they
practical when he wrote it?

> Best Wishes,
> Michael A. Cassara
"Brevity's the soul of wit: Mahler was well aware of it. Still, he did
not know when to quit..."

Sarek of Vulcan
a.k.a. Garrett Fitzgerald -- Official Diver of the RFA
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