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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000176.txt from 1995/01

From: Bill Parker <bill@-----.AU>
Subj: Re: High pitch/low pitch (D. Lechner)
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 1995 10:33:03 -0500

>There certainly was a distinction in the U. K. up to ca. 1939. Low pitch (most
>orchestras) was nominally a'=435 and high pitch (most outfits calling
>themselves bands - possibly not dance bands, on which I have no info) was
>Roger Shilcock

Given this info and other postings on "L" vs "H", I tried my old Selmer
(L5962) against an analogue tuning meter, and, sure enough, it was 452.
Now, my question is, does this really matter when most of my work is with
piano accordion, banjo and trumpet in a klezmer band? Sounds like a dumb
question, but I'm getting paranoid. I can get in tune with the barrel
Second question is the one to do with age, and is as follows. Does age
matter? Stoltzman is saying "they dry out". In this climate everything
dries out! the RH is in the + or - 50% range except when it rains in

Can we afford to waste solar energy?
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