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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000227.txt from 1994/09

From: Bill Parker <bill@-----.AU>
Subj: Re: Glissandi and Klezmer
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 1994 22:59:23 -0400

John Dohrmann wrote
.......... I also recall that I chose my Selber 9*
>(star) over the straight 9 because "they" told me the 9* permitted more
>bending of notes.
>Who is the expert on this?

Since joining KLARINET I have made some (I hope) positive changes in the
mouthpiece department, but I still have the "is it me or the combination of
reeds/mouthpiece" problem. I'm using van dorens (hardness 2) (there is only
one type avail here) on a C 85 120 Selmer with a B&H Emperor and playing
klezmer..........but is this an ideal combination? and as John says, who is
the expert on this? What's the advice? Is a 20key clarinet of any
significant advantage here?

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