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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000203.txt from 1994/09

From: Gerry Evoniuk <Gerald.Evoniuk@-----.BITNET>
Subj: Re: African blackwood vs Pl
Date: Fri, 23 Sep 1994 12:46:12 -0400

You could try calling some local high school band directors. I know of
several in Phoenix that use them. The problem is most are in horrible
disrepair since the pad installations of most manufacturers is marginal
right out of the box and I would recommend reppadding it immediatly for
best results.

Also check with the best woodwind repairman in your area to see if he can
put you on to one that is reasonably well maintained.

At least you can get some idea of tone quality. Vito and Bundy both make
them but I prefer Vito's mechanical setup (esp. tapered pivots) to the
Bundy's cylindrical. Top that with a good mouthpiece and some tonehole work
you'd be amazed at the improvement.

>RE>>African blackwood vs Plastic
>Gerald Evoniuk at Arizona State University, stated:
>"Many people at the design level have told me they believe it is entirely
>posssible to build an acceptable artist level clarinet out of plastic but
>marketing keeps telling them the world is not ready."
>I'm sure that the marketing problem is related to the reputation of existing
>plastic clarinets. If the cheap student model instruments worked nearly as
>well, and sounded nearly as good, as the professional models, then there should
>be little hesitation for a professional to try one that claims to be a "pro"
>model, and sells for less than the wooden one. The marketplace changes slowly,
>but the product has to be available, before the change can occur!
>Over the past two or three years, I've been looking for a used B-Flat
>Contrabass. There don't seem to be ANY used ones out there. I'm faced with
>the choice of spending up to $10K for a new wooden one, or compromising on a
>new student model, presumably plastic, for around $2K.
>I've been told that prices have increased tremendously over the last few years.
> The reason given, has been the increasing cost of wood. I would be willing to
>try one of the plastic models, if I had some assurance that it compared well to
>the expensive wooden ones.
>Fred McKenzie
>Bass Clarinetist,
>Melbourne (Florida) Municipal Band
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