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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000002.txt from 1994/09

From: "David B. Niethamer" <NIETHAMER@-----.BITNET>
Subj: Re: Mozart clarinet concerto
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 1994 12:31:29 -0400

As one who has played the Mozart a few times with the Richmond (VA) Symphony,
let me suggest the following. Get copies of the "Neue Mozart Ausgabe" edition of
score and parts (Barenreiter BA4773 score, BA4773a Cl/Pf reduction), and of
Alan Hacker's Schott edition (11149)for the extended clarinet. Both of these
have errors of various sorts, and Hacker makes some dubious assumptions about
the use of the lowest notes. See John Newhill's excellent article about this
edition in a volume of "The Clarinet" from the 70's (sorry, don't know exactly
which - check the index) and Dan LEESON's article re: articulation, then make
up your own mind and own edition.Re: the F natural in your question - probably
correct - see the parallel spot in the orchestral intro. Also, somewhere in "The
Clarinet" is a translation of the review of the first published edition of the
concerto in 1802(?) - interesting, because it discusses the changes to suit the
regular clarinet. Hope this helps

David Niethamer, Principal Clarinet, Richmond Symphony

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