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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000371.txt from 1994/05

From: Christopher Zello <en444@-----.EDU>
Subj: A weeks worth of mial mail
Date: Sat, 21 May 1994 20:12:15 -0400

While deleting a weeks for of mail, I have a bunch of questions
and observations. . .

Does anyone know where I can get one of the old Kaspar ligatures.
I have only seen two of them in my life and they were owned
by Carmine Campione (Cincinnati SO) and John Bruce Yeh (Chicago)(
JB Yeh had used it on his e-flat clarinet although it was a
b-flat ligature since he uses regular sized b-flat reeds on
his e-flat and needs an oversized ligature in order for it to

My thoughts will be flowing freely--so the order of these
comments will be non-existent.

Garrett Fitzgerald wrote about
"I've practiced the Mozart as originally written on a
Selmer low C [bass clarinet], and had no real problem."
Although this was a bass clarinet response, since when was the
Mozart written for Bass clarinet in b-flat? Last I knew,
from a picture in the Neue Ausgabe, Mozart started the Conce
Concerto for a Basset Horn in G (yes, g) and rewrote it
for Stadlers clarinet in A which had a few basset notes?
I would assume Dan Leeson would be most helpful here. . .

As far as a general board for woodwind players--I have heard
plenty o' complaints from Brass players on the Brass board.
What was that guys e-mail address to whom we can write.

Antohony Corman--Do you have an address for the Z.Z. Top
premium model Teflon beard?? :-)

The tollways around Chicago really stink. Did anyone hear
about yesterday, when the SWAT team and a few others were
called in on a Greyhound Bas Bus which contained a murder
suspect? The toll-way Both directions were at a standstill
for many hours. But the story around Chicago is that by
making the pavement 3 inches thicker, it would last
more than twice as long--and the construction company won't
do it. It would put them out a of a job. Moral--don't
do your job too well ro or you'll be a vicitim of

Anthony Corman--you made reference to Joe Allard not liking
the Rovner ligatures. Why was it he didn't? i guess that
he was into the hermonic harmonics making a better sound
a d and all the old Rovner's would not allow you to get
the harmonics out? I do know that o harmonics on the
latest Rovners are possible.

Dr. Monson had mentioned an update on the Grand Concert
Thick Blank Quarter Sized reeds, but I haven't heard any
info other than passing comments. Do you find the response
on these is better for soft entrances? I had been a
V12 user until I recently tried these new ones.

I saw that Clark Fobes went to Libertyville, IL and got
the news on new B0flat wood manufacturing. Any thing on
the two piece e-flat bodies I had n mentioned before?

And lastly, the solo Elliot Carter piece for clarinet is
called "Gra" I just heard John Bruce Yeh and the Chicago
ProMusica perform an all Elliot Carter program in Feb.
They performed very early Carter as well as some of his
most recent works. (The concert was for works using all
instuments of a ww quintet and a piano). His early
writing is very approachable, but the new stuff seems
vary pointalistic and non-developmental , without any
sy type of Mozart-ean theme. His orchestral clarinet
writing is amazing. Chicago SO is on tour now with his
new "partita". He gives great ww solos to English horn,
Bass clarinet, and e-flat clarinet. He very much
demands extremes of these instruments resgisters. For
example--the e-flat part uses numerous high as (as in
the note writtin above four lines above the staff!!)
He did a lecture in the Rose Hall (lincoln center) before
the CSO concert last Sunday afternoon and John Bruce Yeh,
who had the e-flat part, went up to Elliot Carter after
the lecture and made some comment about having to take the
high d-flat and c (as in 6 ledger lines above the staff)
down an octave. Carter asked him if it were physically
possible to play those notes? And Yeh said that was out of
the range of the instrument. Carter told him not NOT
to take them down, and to leave them out, as it would
destroy the Vil violin and piccolo line of if they were
to sound down an octave!! I was standing right there
during this. Amazing.

Just out of curiosity--any opinions on the American Wind
Sympohny (Conducted by one R. Boudreayu Boudreau)? I
know one guy in the section there this summer, does any
one have colleagues or students who are doing this?
AWSO=basic training for musicians

Christopher Zello

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