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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000335.txt from 1994/05

From: Martin Pergler <pergler@-----.EDU>
Subj: Replying to the list
Date: Thu, 19 May 1994 22:55:10 -0400

On Thu, 19 May 1994, Dan Leeson: wrote:

> I thank Martin Pergler for his thoughtful comments on ligatures. He also
> adds that my address on the KLARINET notes gives the impression that it
> comes directly from me to the receiver and not through the KLARINET list.
> I admit that. I don't know why it does that and I have tried to get it
> fixed but it is not a high priority item with any of the people with whom
> I must deal. I also notice several other posters on KLARINET have the
> same problem so I do not think that someone is out to get me.

I agree it's not high priority....however, for all of us, I suggest
the following:
a) When we reply to a post, check the header generated by our mail
software to make sure it is being sent to the Klarinet address.
b) When we receive a Klarinet article reply, check to see whether
it came from the list, or accidentally directly only. In the
latter case, perhaps post it to the group. (Careful here --
check first whether we can tell the difference; on my mail system
I can, but that doesn't mean we all can.

Sorry to harp on about this. Several times in the past few weeks, though,
I have followed interesting exchanges where certain messages never seemed
to reach me. Provided this was not just my account acting up, it could
perhaps be explained by certain replies not being directed to the list.
It's a pity to miss the wisdom, particularly when the author thinks it
is being shared.

> Do you teach math at UChicago or are you a grad student? My degrees are
> in math, too, though I have not done any serious work since the 1950s.
I'm a first year grad student, from Ottawa, Canada. Pretty good
recorder player, beginning singer (bass), and slowly developing
amateur clarinettist. At the moment, very thin from a year's poor
residence food after years of good home cooking :) One buck
tooth and perpetually messy curly hair. There's the bio.

> ====================================
> Dan Leeson, Los Altos, California
> (
> ====================================

Martin Pergler
Grad student, Mathematics
Univ. of Chicago

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