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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000296.txt from 1994/05

From: Stephen Cranefield <stephen@-----.NZ>
Subj: Rovner ligature
Date: Wed, 18 May 1994 18:55:28 -0400

Martin Pergler writes:
> ... my local repairman carries the
> standard plastic ligature as well as a Rovner ligature I've never
> seen before: it's essentially a wide strip of plasticized
> fabric (patent-leather-like firmness) which loosely holds the reed
> and is tightened on the top of the mouthpiece with a massive single
> screw. [...]
> Has anyone tried this ligature (or use it). Any comments.
> It seems a bit pricey at $17 for a stip of fabric....

I use a Rovner ligature and am very happy with it. It's definitely an
improvement over the standard metal two-screw model, giving a freer
response. Someone (Anthony Corman) mentioned that he'd found that
Rovner ligatures actually impede the sound. I can't understand this,
but I think the key point is not to tighten it too much. I have mine
sufficiently loose that I can move the reed from side to side (if not
up and down) with a bit of thumb pressure *without* having to loosen
the screw. However, the reed is still attached securely enough that
it doesn't move around without assistance from me!

As for the price, when I bought mine I decided that if I gained even a
slight improvement in tone then it was worth it.

- Stephen

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