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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000120.txt from 1994/01

From: Tom Ascher <U15310@-----.EDU>
Subj: Re: Summary of A vs Bb for various keys... show!)
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 1994 11:42:16 -0500

Mention of playing musicals, etc., in "hard" keys motivates me to share a
little chart I made out for myself to aid in transposing opera arias for
playing on the clarinet. I'm sure this must exist in many texts, but since
I haven't seen it, thought it might be useful to share. By the way, I'm
finally getting an A clarinet. Apparently, over the holidays, many people
purchased new clarinets and traded in their old ones. In response to my
call at Woodwind & Brasswind, they had just received a used Buffet R-13A which
they are going to completely repad and overhaul for me. They also had an
old Selmer centertone A, and a couple of other Selmer model A's that I am not
familiar with.

Comparison of transposing various
keys for Bb or A clarinet:

Written Transposed Transposed
Key: for Bb: for A:
========================== Easiest in A ============
G 1# A 3# Bb 2b
D 2# E 4# F 1b
A 3# B 5# C
E 4# F# 6# - (Gb 6b) G 1#
B 5# Db 5b D 2#
F# 6# - (Gb 6b) Ab 4b A 3#
== Easiest in Bb ===================================
Db 5b Eb 3b E 4#
Ab 4b Bb 2b B 5#
Eb 3b F 1b F# 6# - (Gb 6b)
Bb 2b C Db 5b
F 1b G 1# Ab 4b
C D 2# Eb 3b

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