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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000173.txt from 1993/12

From: Jay Heiser <jayh@-----.COM>
Subj: clarinet materials
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1993 16:22:53 -0500

I can make a pretty good case for calling the saxophone a
woodwind, but I wouldn't want to defend the 'english'
horn nor the 'french' horn. One's french and the other
might have originated in England, but you can't tell
by the names.

Think about it -- if we pay close attention, we could be
witness to another historic linguistic accident!

-->of alternate materials, etc. are crucial. But, assuming these hurdles
-->are leaped, what do you CALL them? I mean, we still call the flute
-->a WOODwind because it sort of hides in the orchestra and is still
-->surrounded by woods. But, if you once start making clarinets out of
-->metal, and then oboes and bassoons, what do you CALL that section?
-->BRASS? BRASSwinds? You can't call them reeds (flute exclusion).
-->PLASTICS? SYNTHETICS? How about COMPOSIWINDS? Doesn't exactly roll
-->off the tongue, does it!
The interesting thing about narcissism is that the
more severe the case, the less likely the narcissist
is to even be aware of what's happening.

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