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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000144.txt from 1993/12

From: Andrea Hakari <hakari@-----.EDU>
Subj: Ah, my acoustics days...
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1993 10:55:37 -0500

Seeing someone mention 'spectral analysis' reminded me of my acoustics
class last January. One of our labs was spent taking
oscilloscopes/spectral anaylsis/whatever-it-was of various
instruments. I hauled in my trusty Bb contra, Torden, and played my
lowest note, written d (concert C0). Everything looked fine until my
profs and I checked out the 27th harmonic, which for some reason was
lower that all the even harmonics, when it should have been prominent
like the rest of the odd harmonics. Neither of the profs could figure
out why this harmonic was so low. Any ideas? (BTW, that note
registered at 34.33 Hz).

--Andrea, Bb bass clarinetist extraordinaire!!!

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