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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000085.txt from 1993/12

From: "Dr. Ronald P. Monsen" <RPMONS00@-----.EDU>
Subj: Re: Ron Monson's comments on the C clarinet
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1993 08:29:59 -0500

I agree! The fact the Schubert wrote this piece for a clarinetist--or at
least with von Toryer in mind-would seem to indicate that the C was chosen
for a reason other than convenience. Those of us who have played the C
know the special sound of the instrument.

The practice of transposing C parts to the Bb or playing them on the A
reading in bass clef--Stark has a series of etudes on transposition-raises
yet another question. I do feel that many time the C was requested due
to the key and the fact that the C clarinet was obviously--if the catalogs
of instrumental collection is any indicator--that the instrument was

readily available. I remember playing the late wind symphony of Strauss--basse
t horn, clarinet in Bb, clarinet in A and a special part for the C. No C was
available--I was given the task of transposing. When I did get to do this work
under Robert Reynolds with a C clarinet it was a different sound--not just to
me but to the whole ensemble.

There is a move in England to make the C clarinet the choice of the beginning
student. I do not know if that will ever get anywhere here or there but it is
being discussed.
Ron Monsen

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