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Clarinet Compositions
Comme une improvisation : pour clarinette seule - Concerto for clarinet and wind ensemble op. 87
Comme une improvisation : pour clarinette seule Commedia
Commentareies Commentaries on a theme from Aaron Copland
Companion piece to Arabesque II in its sextet version Companion pieces to a wind quintet
Complete chamber music for strings, and clarinet quintet Complete first clarinet parts to Johannes Brahms' major orchestral works
Complete instrumental chamber works Complete string quintets, with the horn and clarinet quintets
Composition A [for] Piano and chamber ensemble Composition for clarinet and tape
Composition for eleven players Composition for four instruments
Composition for mixed instruments in 2 mvts. Composition for nine instruments
Composition for solo clarinet Composition for ten instruments
Con leggerezza pensosa : omaggio a Italo Calvino Con tres
Concatenata Concatenation
Concentric Dance Concert duet, op. 8
Concert Fantasia on Motives from "Rigoletto" Concert music
Concert music no. 2 Concert no. 10, 1er mouvement
Concert piece Concert piece I
Concert piece no. 3 in Bb major Concert suite
Concert-Trio Concertant I
Concertante Concertante for clarinet and percussion op. 30
Concertante for five players, op.22 Concertante for Four Clarinets and Orchestra
Concertante II Concertante in Bb
Concertante in Bb, Sinfonie no. 42 Concertante No. 2, op. 26
Concertante quartet Concertante, Eb major
Concertante, op. 10b Concertazioni
Concertino Concertino da camera
Concertino da camera : op. 116 Concertino for 3 Clarinets
Concertino for Charles Concertino for clarinet &x0026; strings op. 25
Concertino for Clarinet and Small Orchestra Concertino for clarinet and string orchestra, op.45, #3
Concertino for horn &x0026; eight instruments Concertino for horn and 6 players
Concertino for nineteen solo wind instruments and 2 ... Concertino for Oboe and chamber ensemble
Concertino for Piano winds and Timpani Concertino for seven instruments
Concertino for Two Clarinets and Orchestra Concertino fur Clarinette und Streichorchester, op. 54
Concertino in Bb, op. 48 Concertino in C-dur, op. 101
Concertino pour clarinette et orchestre Concertino senza ripieni
Concertino, Bb Major, In. 612 Concertino, Eb major
Concertino, F minor Concertino, op. 11a
Concertino, op. 11b Concertino, Op. 15
Concertino, op. 26 Concertino, op. 45
Concertino, op. 47, Bb major Concertino, Op. 63
Concertino, Op. 83 Concerto
Concerto - Moonrise... Concerto a 4 in Bb
Concerto a Tre Concerto concertante solo violin woodwind quintet piano
Concerto da camera Concerto da camera : op. 36
Concerto da camera no. 2 Concerto da camera op. 1
Concerto for 10 instruments Concerto for 2 Clarinets and Wind Band
Concerto for amplified Cello Concerto for bass clarinet and large orchestra
Concerto for clarinet &x0026; strings Concerto for clarinet (Bb) and orchestra
Concerto for clarinet and chamber orchestra Concerto for clarinet and orachestra
Concerto for clarinet and orchestra Concerto for clarinet and percussion ensemble
Concerto for clarinet and Piano Concerto for Clarinet and String Orchestra, Op. 11
Concerto for clarinet and strings Concerto for clarinet and wind ensemble op. 87

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