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Clarinet Compositions
Christmas medley - Comme une barcarolle
Christmas medley Christmas Spiritual Medley
Christmas Suite Christus letzte Worte
Chronies Churchill Downs : chamber concerto no. 2
Ciconia ciconia : concertino : op. 18 Cinco bocetos
Cinco pecas Cinq Danses Profanes et Sacres
Cinq haiku Cinq Morceaux
Cinq Mouvements Cinq nouvelles pieces, op. 62
Cinq Pieces en Trio Cinquieme (no. 5) rhapsodie
Cinquieme sonate, no. 5, D minor Circles in the Sky
Circles in the Sun Circlet
Circular dreams Circular thoughts
Circumstance Circus game kit
City birds : from The cage of our years Cityscape
Clair de Lune Clare cycle - four settings
Clarinet and Piano sonata Clarinet and string quartet
Clarinet Candy Clarinet classics - solo Bb clarinet parts from the works of great masters
Clarinet concerto Clarinet concerto - Fire dances
Clarinet Concerto No. 1 Clarinet concerto no. 1, Op. 40
Clarinet concerto no. 2 Clarinet concerto no. 2, F major
Clarinet concerto, no. 2 op. 13 Clarinet concerto, op. 34
Clarinet concerto, op. 68 Clarinet concerto, op. 80
Clarinet concerto, op. 95 Clarinet duets from the instrument's early period.
Clarinet excerpts from standard orchestral repertoire Clarinet fanfare
Clarinet Fingerings Clarinet Marmalade
Clarinet method Clarinet Passages from "The Barber of Seville"
Clarinet piece Clarinet pieces by Hungarian composers
Clarinet Polka, Polish Folk Tune Clarinet quartet
Clarinet quartet no. 2 Clarinet quintet
Clarinet Rhapsody Clarinet rhapsody no. 1
Clarinet school Clarinet sextet
Clarinet solitude Clarinet solos
Clarinet Sonata Clarinet sonata #1 op. 142
Clarinet Sonata no. 1 Clarinet symphony, a collection of compositions especially adapted for clarinet ensemble and recommended for class work
Clarinet trio clarinet-fragments from ...
Clarinetkwintet Clarinett sonatine
Clarino quartet Classical music for clarinet, including music by Beethoven, Gretry, Haydn, Mozart, Stamitz
Classical repertory for clarinet (with Piano accompaniment) Classical Studies
Cleveland doubles Climbing for tree frogs
Clown Co-ordinative systems no. 3
Coalitions Coastal sketches
Cobra Coexistence
Coffee-cake walk Coleccion nocturna
Collage Collage III
Collages : from songs of my childhood Collected scores, 1965-1973
Colloquies Colorado landscapes
Coloratura, op. 80 Colors for Anna
Combinazioni I Combone
Come away Come round
Come what may places Comedy for Five Winds, Op. 14
Coming around-- Comme une barcarolle

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