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Clarinet Compositions
Catena - Christmas Carol Medley
Catena Catena III
Catland Quintet Cats, a suite for clarinet &x0026; Piano
Cavatina Cavatina ""Una voce poco fa"" from "Il Barbiere di Siviglia"
CCI : 1981 Celebrated method for the clarinet
Celebration Celebration of dead ladies
Celebration suite : [op. 41] Celestial Dialogues
Celestial Hymns Cello concerto solo Cello and ten instruments
Centering Centrifuge
Cerberus Cercles
Ceremony of innocence Chaconne
Chaconne for four instruments Chains; canonic music for clarinet quartet
Chakra Chalumeau
Chalumeau rain Chamber cantata : op. 10
Chamber concertante Chamber concertino for Piano and winds
Chamber concerto Chamber concerto : for organ and 8 winds
Chamber concerto : in three movements Chamber concerto for clarinet and seven players
Chamber concerto for five instruments Chamber concerto II
Chamber concerto no. 1, op. 8 Chamber concerto no. 2, in homage to Charles Ives
Chamber concerto no. 4 Chamber concerto no.5
Chamber etudes Chamber fantasie : op. 51
Chamber folk music Chamber music
Chamber music #1 Chamber music #2
Chamber music - for six players Chamber Music : Three Songs from Home
Chamber music for six players Chamber music for wind instruments
Chamber music V Chamber music; for three winds
Chamber piece no. 1 : July 1956 Chamber piece no. 2
Chamber setting Chamber setting no. 2
Chamber sonata Chamber song
Chamber symphony Chamber symphony for nine instruments
Chamber symphony for six players Chamber variations four
Chamber work Chambers : for chamber ensemble or Chamber Orchestra
Chamberwork II Chameleon
Changes Changing meter studies; intermediate
Changing time Channels passing/Study for variations
Chanson Chapter XI
Character Sketches (Theme, Variations and Fughetta) Characters
Charleston rag Charlie Parker omnibook
Charrette Chartres
Chawswizzler Cheetah
Chelsea Chernyi kontsert
Chevauchments Chiapanecas "The Mexican Clapping Song", Variations on "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"
Chiaroscuro Childness
Children's Book Suite Children's suite
Chimaera Chimera
Chinese shades Cho-sen variations
Choral Chorale and Danza
Chorale in Eb, Piano quintet, op. 118, homage to Aaron Copland Chord
Choreopoem I : Movements Chorinhos : op. 38
Choros no. 2 Chrissemas Day in the Morning
Christ's last words Christmas Carol Medley

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