The Title Index Page
Clarinet Compositions
Cadenze - Cat wars
Cadenze Cage
Calder in memoriam Caliban : a monodrama
California : concertino California Songs
Callings calmo e furioso
Cambridge trio Can Can (from Orpheus in the Underworld)
Can(n)ons Cancion Glosada
Canciones nocturnas Candelaria
Canon Canon &x0026; Gigue
Canon ball Canon for 4, homage to William
Canon in D minor; mixed woodwind trio, op. 131b. No. 2 Canon marzial
Canonic intermezzo Canonic mosiacs II
Canonic Suite Canonic variations, op. 47
Canopy Cantabile
Cantata Cantata II
Cantata III Cantata III : Songs of the high and far-off times
Cantata no. 3 Cantata op. 39
Cantata per stromenti Cantata valentine
Canti d'innocenza Canticle
Canticle of the evening bells : Consortium IX Canticles from the other side of the river
Cantilena Cantilene
Canto Canto - a love poem : op. 31
Canto popolare Cantus et ludus (= Songs and play)
Canzo; due madrigale Canzona
Canzona and dance Canzona three : for seven instruments and poet
Canzona VI Canzona, F minor
Canzone Canzone e tarantella sur nome Petrassi
Canzonet Canzonet for soprano mezzo-soprano &x0026; Cello
Canzonetta Canzonetta, op. 19
Canzonetta; no. 2 from Three pieces Canzoni a due Cant
Capistrano song Capricci concertati
Capriccietto, canzona, saltarello, op. 23 Capriccio
Capriccio "La pucelle de New Orleans" ("The maid of New Orleans") Capriccio concertante
Capriccio e Burlesca Capriccio for clarinet and orchestra (Rossini in Paris)
Capriccio III : "Fuerte cosa es!" (Goya) Capriccio sregolato
Capriccio with a mind of its own Capriccio, Epitaphs and Choral: in memoriam Igor Stravinsky
Capriccio, op. 14 Capriccios
Capriccios II Caprice
Caprice #24 Caprice for Clarinets
Caprice sur des airs danois et russes (Caprice on Danish and Russian airs), op. 79 Caprices
Capricho goyesco Carbon
Careful with that-- Caricatures
Carnations Carnevale di Venezia
Carnival of Venice Carnival of Venice and Variations
Carnival of Venice Variations Carnival of Venice with 22 Variations
Carol Caroms
Carpathian Rhapsody Carpenter's two-step : from the play Never too late
Carte blanche Cartoon music
Cartunes : for woodwind quartet in four movements Cascades from fountains, op. 31
Cassazione, Eb major Cassia blossoms
Cat variations, on a theme from Prokofiev's Peter and the wolf Cat wars

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