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Clarinet Compositions
Voices of sigimse - Winkle bar
Voices of sigimse Voicings
Voluntary Fantasy, op. 33 Voyage, op. 13
Voyages Voyages through the Inland Sea
Vuci siculani Wake up, it's time to go to bed! : a soundtheatre piece for singers and chamber ensemble
Wakings Waldmusik
Walking tune, for wind five-some Wallflower : a ballet in four movements
Waltz Waltz for Nancy : op. 14d
Waltz in A minor. No. 9 Waltzes op. 26
Walum olum Wanderers Nachtlied II
Warble Warnings in the winds
Washington Square Watch
Watching her ex : a musical drama with no words Water Ways
Waves Waves of liquid love I - based on writings of Henry Finney
Waves of Talya We kiss your hands ...
We need to dream all this again Wedding March from a Midsummer Night's Dream
Wedding Quartet, op. 36 Weeping willow rag [after Joplin]
Werther West of the moon
Western wind fragments Westron wynde : a set of "doubles" for broken consort
Wet on wet What goes around comes around
What remains When in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes
When Orpheus last sang When summer sang
Where are we? Whirlwind
Whisper moon; dream music number three White lady
White plaid : for instrumental ensemble White-haired lover
Who do you love : 1980-81 Why we live with animals
Wie ein Kanon Wild nights
Wild tales told on the river road Wildboy; concertante
Wilderness : a dramatic tone poem Wille was different
Williamsburg Bridge Wind duo op. 30
Wind duo op. 33 Wind music : five movements
Wind quartet (1974) Wind quartet, op. 44
Wind quintet Wind quintet #4 opus 71
Wind quintet #6 in one movement opus 92 Wind quintet II
Wind Quintet in D minor, Op. 42 Wind Quintet in F major, Op. 81, No. 3
Wind Quintet No. 1 Wind Quintet No. 1, Op. 2
Wind quintet no. 2 Wind Quintet No. 3
Wind quintet no. 3 op. 54 Wind quintet, in one movement,op. 17
Wind Quintet, Op. 10 Wind quintet, op. 159
Wind Quintet, Op. 2 Wind Quintet, Op. 26
Wind quintet, op. 45 Wind Quintet, Op. 51
Wind Quintet, op. 6 Wind Quintet, Op. 9
Wind river Wind river country
Wind suite Wind trio
Wind trio no. 2 op. 14 Wind trio no. 3 op. 15
Wind trio, op. 52 Wind waves rhapsody
Windfest : symphony no. 1 Windows
Windows; three pieces Windscape
Windsor Jambs Windswept peaks
Windwork #1 Wings
Wingtip Winkle bar

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