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Clarinet Compositions
Beast songs - Cadenzas in Transition
Beast songs Beatus vir
Because it is Bedtime stories
Beethovens Fifth Bossa Nova Being as how
Being, three vignettes for soprano and clarinet in A Benny : a Goodman elegy
Benny's gig; 8 duos Berashith : In the beginning
Berceuse Berceuse from "Dolly", Op. 56, No. 1
Bestiarius - 3 Poems by Dan Pagis Beuk o' Newcassel sangs
Beyond dreaming Beyond the dream-- --and to the sun : in two movements
Beyond the wheel Bicinium II
Bicinium; from Cantio Sacra Bilbies III
Bird's Fractal Voice Birth day music
Birthday miniatures Bits and pieces
Bittere Nusse Bivouac
Black arch of the night Black mamba
Black roller Black snow
Black topaz Blackbird
Blaeseroktett ... op. 58 Blaser quartette, op. 8, no. 2, Eb major
Blaser-Quartett Blaser-Quintett
Blaserkonzerte I Blaserquintett
Blaserquintett No. 1 B-Dur Blaserquintett No. 2 D-mol
Blaserquintett No. 3 F-Dur Blasertrio
Blattlesestuck : fur Klarinette und Klavier Bleecker Street
Blendings Blue All Around
Blue bells of Scotland Blue Haze
Blue Mosaics Blues for my father
Blurring the margins Bo
Bob's mandala Bodega Suite
Boehmischer Krystall Boomerang
Borealis Boreas and Zephyrus
Bossa nova Boston baked beans
Boston fancies Bourge image and recollections
Bourree, from The Music for the Royal Fireworks, HWV 351 Bourree, Minuet, Bourree, from the Water Music, Suites 1 &x0026; 2, HWV 348, 349
Box Death Hollow Braintree Quintet
Branches Brazilian fantasy
Breakfast rhythms I and II Breaking the chink
Breath; (wie ein Hauch) Breathing songs from a turning sky
Brief elegy Brimborions, twelve short pieces, op. 138, nos. 1-2
Bristlecone concerto no. 2 British Folk music settings No. 40
Brittle Man Bron-yr-aur stomp
Bucolics, op.32 Bucolique
Buffalo Bill Bulgarian Batbite
Bunde Tolimense Burke Mountain Buttercup, op. 10
Burlesca II Burlesca oscura
Burlesque Burletta
But Would She Remember You? Butte chord
By night By the tarn, a sketch for string orchestra (with clarinet ad lib.), op. 15, no. 1
By various means Byzantium
C.L.A.I.R.E. Cabaret music
Cadenza and lament Cadenza!
Cadenzas from clarinet and percussion Cadenzas in Transition

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