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Clarinet Compositions
The Mime - Theme and variations, from Chaconne in G major, 2nd collection, no. 2
The Mime The moon has nothing to be sad about
The Nature of the universe The Needle music
The Nick of time The Night rainbow
The October country The Ormond bar
The owl and the pussycat The Palaces of memory
The Philosopher's stone The Plot against the giant : chamber cantata
The Pony Concerto The Precedence effect and a possible role of the pinnae
The Precise Shape of a Wave The Promises of darkness
The Pure fury : two songs and a melodrama The Purple gang : a chamber opera
The Reasons for skylarks The Repertory of the Clarinet, Vol. I
The Repertory of the Clarinet, Vol. II The Repertory of the Clarinet, Vol. III
The Rest is shadow The River of Silence
The Road not taken The Roaring Twenties
The Rocky James River at Richmond The Roque Dalton songs
The round ocean and the living air The Rules of courtly love
The Russian clarinet; recital pieces for clarinet and Piano The Sacrifice of Iphigenia
The same destination The Scent of Light
The Sea The sea and the honeycomb : song no. 1 from A suite of tiny
The seasons, op. 48 The Secret circuit : an opera
The Secret fire The seven brightnesses
The Seventh night of the seventh moon The sheepherder
The Shepherds' symphony The Ship of Fools
The Shippen The Sibyl, in contemplation
The side pipers The Singing violin : an opera in one act
The Song of Arion, op. 26 The Sorcerer's Apprentice
The Spanish Songs: Two Poems by Antonio Machado The Star Spangled Banner
The Stars and Stripes Forever The Stealthy Family
The Study of the Clarinet The sublime and the beautiful
The Surma ritornelli The Table and the Chair
The Tale of Genji The Tale of Issoumbochi
The Tell-tale heart : a cantata based on the short story by Edgar Allan Poe (1804-1849) The Tender graces took thee up in their bosom o lily
The time is now The Time was gold
The Tortoise and the hare : reprise The tower of remoteness
The Tracker The Turtle Dove
The Umilissimo poems of O. B. Hardison The Unforgiving minute
THe Unicorn and the lady The valley of Hatsu-Se, op. 62
The Vermeer room The Viola in my life (2)
The Visitor The vulture's garden : four pieces for four players
The Wandering klezmer : a fantasy The Watchtower : an opera-oratorio
The Water famine The Waves : three dramatic monologues
The Well The Wheels of Ezekiel
The White peril : too wrong for too long! The wind quartet; original medium-grade pieces for flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon
The windmills of Paris : (12 variations for 5) The Winds of Aeolus : an epic divertimento
The Women of Jerusalem The women of Yueh : five songs to the words of Li Po
The world is mad The yellow pages
Theatrepieces Thelonious Rex
Thema mit Variationen Thema mit Veranderungen (Sextet)
Theme and absurdities Theme and Ramifications
Theme and variations Theme and variations for clarinet and Piano
Theme and variations on a theme from the opera "Alruna" Theme and variations, from Chaconne in G major, 2nd collection, no. 2

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