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Clarinet Compositions
Swamp music - The artist and the other
Swamp music Sweet Melancholy Rag
Sweet Stacy suite Sweet thunder
Sweets Swing set
Swing-a-ling : jazz piece Swinging music
Swingtime 2 : Calypso Mood Swingtime 3: Fox-trot
Swingtime Blues and Beguine Swish
Symphonia Symphonic sketches, op. 46
Symphonie concertante no. 5, B. 115, F major Symphonie des Clarinettes
Symphony #4 : the razzberry : a companion to Facade Symphony (Sinfonia concertante), no. 4, op. 105
Symphony concertante Symphony for clarinet
Symphony for Four Players, Op. 21 Symphony on poems by William Blake : op. 33
Synchronisms no. 2 Synchrons
Syncretisms : a Chamber Concerto Synergism #1
Synoecy Syringa : 4th ed.
Syrinx Szekeley Men's Dances
Szopran-klarinet kettos T'phila
Tableau Tableaux
Tagore Songs Take me places
Take-off Tandems : for Trumpet and four trios
Tango Tango La Invitación
Tango trunco Tanguy music
Tankas of the four seasons Tanzsuite
Tapestries Tapestry
Tarantella, op. 6 Tarantelle, Op. 102, No. 3
Tarata-ta Taylor-made duet
Tchaikowsky variations : from Suite #3 in G Tchopitoulas Byrd song
Technicalities Tehillim
Telluris theoria sacra Tema con variazioni
Tema con variazioni e fuga, op. 13 Tema i variacions
Tema med Variationer, Op. 14 Temat z wariacjami, Latwe trio kameralne, op. 35
Tempo quisto Ten canons for two clarinets
Ten clarinet trios Ten duets
Ten Klezmer Duos Ten miracles : a song cycle to children's poems
Ten Pieces Ten pieces, op. 37, no. 3
Ten tunes for Kathy Tenacious Turns
Tensta emotions Tephillah for clarinet and digital audio processors
Termini Terpsichord
Territory Tertium quid : for woodwind soloists
Terzetto Tesserae VII
Testimony Tetragon : four temperaments
Tetralogue, op. 36 Texture and color on a wall
Textures That mountain : a musical drama in seven parts
That of light The 20th Century Clarinetist; advanced studies in contemporary music for the clarinet
The 8th ancestor The Absence of Adeline : a spoken song cycle
The Acrobatic winds The Adorable mouse : a fable based on La Fontaine
The Afterlight of sunset The Album of Madame Bovary
The Altissimo Register, a Partial Approach The Amazing adventure of Alvin Allegretto; an opera in one act
The Americas The Angel architects
The Animated room The Art of Clarinetistry
The Artist The artist and the other

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