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Clarinet Compositions
Songs on Chinese poetry - Study
Songs on Chinese poetry Songs on Texts by Carol Lynn Pearson
Songs without words Sonic islands in a sea of solitude
Sonic options : (wind quintet #5) Sonnet
Sonnet #395 Sonnet with shadows
Sonnets to Orpheus Sonnetts, Op. 23
Sonora Sound alliances
Sound dreams Sound of Music
Sound off Soundets
Sounding solitude : a tone poem Soundings
Soundpiece, No. 6, a short sonata for flute and clarinet Soundposts
Soundprints, variations Sounds of nature
Soundscape Soundscape I
Soundscape II Soundsoup
Sources III South Rampart Street revisited
Souvenir Souvenirs de Nice
spöttisch leicht - 5 Lieder nach Gedichten von Sarah Kirsch Spaccio de la bestia trionfonte
Space dream Space play : a concerto for nine instruments
Spans and changes Sparkle
Sparrow music Sparrows
Spasm Spectra
Spectri sonori Spectrum II
Speculum Spell
Spell respell, op. 14 Spheres
Spinning song Spiral
Spirals : variations Splinters
splitting spouttisch leicht - 5 Lieder nach Gedichten von Sarah Kirsch
Sprightly flight Spring
Spring changes : variations Spring Songs
Spring sonnet, op. no. 1 Springwaters
Spud Squaring the circle
Stück für Klarinette &x0026; Posaune St. Dennis Variations
Stabiles Stacked deck
Stairs/walls Starlight
Stati Stationary point
Statman songs Stedman doubles
Stephen Foster medley Steps
Still voices Stor septett
Story of the Woodwind Family Strata
Strata III Strathclyde concerto no. 4
Stravaganza I Stravaganza II
Stravaganza III, op. 22 Stray light
Stream, op. 55 Street cries
String quartet #2 (1962) String Quartet in Bb Op. 55, No. 3
String Quartet in F Major Striptease
Strrata and Matrix Structure with chorale
Structures Strutting Butterflies
Stuck fur Klarinette &x0026; Posaune Studi per violino e clarinetto
Studie fur Klarinette, In. 716, Bb major Studies
Studies in texture Studio 54
Studio espressivo Study

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