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Clarinet Compositions
Sonate, Op. 110 - Songs of Theano
Sonate, Op. 110 Sonate, op. 15
Sonate, op. 167 Sonate, op. 29, G minor
Sonate, op. 32, no. 4 Sonate, op. 38, Bb major
Sonate, op. 41 Sonate, op. 42, no. 1
Sonate, op. 45 Sonate, op. 7, D major
Sonate, op. 72 Sonate, op. 82, F minor
Sonatina Sonatina 1
Sonatina for Bb clarinet and percussion op. 102 Sonatina for clarinet and Piano
Sonatina for clarinet choir Sonatina for flute Oboe clarinet bassoon
Sonatina for Solo Flute Sonatina for unaccompanied clarinet
Sonatina for Viola Sonatina for woodwind quintet
Sonatina for Woodwinds Sonatina in F Major for Piccolo Clarinet, Op. 38
Sonatina in G major, op. 100 Sonatina, Op. 27
Sonatina, op. 3 Sonatina, op. 48
Sonatina, op. 56 Sonatina, op. 57
Sonatina, op. 65 Sonatina, Op. 65, No. 3
Sonatina, Op. 92, No. 2 Sonatine
Sonatine "Undine", Op. 167, E minor Sonatine attique, en trois parties
Sonatine B-dur Sonatine en trio, op. 85
Sonatine for clarinet and bassoon op. 94 Sonatine for clarinet and Piano
Sonatine for clarinet and Piano op. 34 Sonatine modale, op. 155
Sonatine no. 4, op. 26 Sonatine pour quatre clarinettes inegales
Sonatine, Op. 100 Sonatine, op. 19, no.2
Sonatine, op. 22 Sonatine, op. 59
Sonatine, op. 7 Sonatine, op.30
Sonatine; en deux chants et un intermede Sonatinett, op. 84
Song Song : 1980
Song : I live again Song and dance : op. 9
Song and dance suite Song at daybreak
Song cycle Song for Kelley
Song for three clarinets Song for winter
Song of a weeping heron on the death of a nightingale Song of old fisherman : a Chinese folk song
Song of Songs Song of sweet sorrow
Song of the sage-brush hills Song without words
Song, op. 19a Songs
Songs &x0026; Dances Songs for a requiem
Songs for Bass Clarinet and Band Songs for the earth
Songs from the mountain : op. 23 Songs from The occasions
Songs from water and stone Songs I said
Songs Inspired by Zhuangzi Songs of America
Songs of Anna Akhmatova Songs of Calamus
Songs of darkness Songs of distance and light
Songs of innocence and experience Songs of insanity
Songs of John Keats Songs of life
Songs of love and death Songs of native North America
Songs of nature : op. 21 Songs of nature; a cycle of five songs on texts of nineteenth American poets
Songs of Night Songs of sea and sky
Songs of Solomon Songs of spring and the moon
Songs of spring, Op. 3 Songs of Tagore
Songs of The world; a naive poem; Warsaw 1943 Songs of Theano

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