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Clarinet Compositions
Six short pieces - Sonata for unaccompanied clarinet
Six short pieces Six short stories for Woodwind Quintet
Six sketches Six songs on German texts
Six songs on poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins Six studies for clarinet and Piano
Six studies in sonorities - for four woodwinds Six trios
Six trios brillans et faciles, op. 2 Six variations for clarinet and Piano
Six waltzes for wind; harmony music Sixieme concerto (no. 6)
Skaters suite Skeletons from the Tune Closet
Sketch Sketch book in Eire
Sketches from a bagpiper's album Sketches, set 1
Sketches, set 2 Skies, the quake
Skirt Skizzen - Suite after drawings by Heinrich Kley
Sky curtains Skyblue dreams
Slange Slaughterhouse
Slawischer Tanz in G minor, Op. 46, No. 8 Slayer of time, ancient of days : cantata no. 4
Small suite Smoke &x0026; mirrors
Snap! Snowflakes
So what abstract Soap-powders and detergents - a cantata
Social accidents Soft voices in the memory
Soir dans le Steppe de Turkmenie Solfeggietto
Soli, No. 1 Soliloquies
Soliloquios no. 3 Soliloquy and jubilation
Solisti : op. 42 Solo de concierto
Solo de Concours Solo de Concours, op. 10
Solo duo trio : chamber music with clarinet Solo for clarinet
Solo for clarinet with delay system Solo for flute (Alpstein)
Solo landscapes Solo music for clarinet
Solo Oboe with ensemble Solo piece with passacaglia
Solo saxophone with ensemble Solo sonata, in la, si, do ad lib.
Soloneseoncerto Solos, duets, trios
Solos; for violin and 5 instruments Solstice Canons
Somebody Loves Me Someplace one sunny Saturday
Son(net-ic) Sonads : six pieces
Sonarequasta Sonaspheres 5
Sonata Sonata "From the Middle Border"
Sonata #3 Sonata (Somerville Sonata)
Sonata a cinque Sonata a quattro
Sonata a Tre Sonata a tre; Points of contact III
Sonata Breve Sonata Capriccioso
Sonata Concertante in Bb Sonata Concertante, Bb major
Sonata da camera Sonata da chiesa
Sonata for alto clarinet and Piano op. 111 Sonata for Basset Horn and Piano in F Major, Op. 62
Sonata for Bb clarinet and Piano Sonata for chamber ensemble and Piano
Sonata for clarinet &x0026; Piano Sonata for clarinet &x0026; Piano op. 27
Sonata for clarinet and organ op. 67 Sonata for clarinet and Piano
Sonata for clarinet and Piano op. 25 Sonata for clarinet and Piano, op. 63
Sonata for Clarinet and Piano, Op. 95 Sonata for clarinet and Pianoforte
Sonata for Clarinet in A and Piano Sonata for Oboe or clarinet and Piano
Sonata for Piano, chamber ensemble and two voices Sonata for six
Sonata for ten winds Sonata for Two Clarinets
Sonata for two clarinets and Piano Sonata for unaccompanied clarinet

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