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Clarinet Compositions
Sextet, Op. 36 - Six short inventions
Sextet, Op. 36 Sextet, op. 38
Sextet, op. 39 Sextet, Op. 44 in Eb
Sextet, op. 47, Eb major Sextet-fantasy
Sextett Sextett Es-dur
Sextett, op. 271 Sextette
Sextette for woodwinds and Piano Sextuor
Shadow and light Shadow box
Shadow dancing Shadowed narrative
Shadows Shadows and echoes of summer : a serenade
Shadows and the night wind Shadows of the caves : theater piece
Shadowy waters Shakespeare Songs
Shanty-boy; fantasy on an American ballad tune Shapes textures rhythms moods of sounds
Shelishiyah li-khele neshifah me-'ets Shepherd on the rock, Op. 129
Shepherd's song Shepherds' Christmas Music
Shoestrings Shore music
Short Circuits Short Fantasy for Solo Oboe
Short shrift Short slow and fast
Short Sonata for Clarinet and Bassoon Short story
Short suite Showers of blessings
Shrapnel in the Heart Si
Si linguis angelicis Siciliano &x0026; Rondeau
Side by side : Sept. 1980 Sieben Balkantanze
Sieben Enzenberger-Lieder Siegfried Idyll
Sight-reading piece : for clarinet and Piano Signals and echoes
Silence Silence and metaphors
Silent echoes Silent things
Silken Ladder Overture Simphonie concertante for Clarinet, Horn, Bassoon &x0026; Orchestra
Simple Gifts Simurgh
Sinfonia Sinfonia Concertante
Sinfonia concertante for woodwind quintet and orchestra Sinfonia concertante in Eb major, K.297b (Anh. I.9)
Sinfonia Concertante No. 1 in F Major Sinfonia Concertante, Bb major, op. 63
Sinfonia Concertante, op. 41, Bb major Sinfonia concertante, op. 80
Sinfonia for six Sinfonia op. 54
Sinfonia. op. 45 Sinfonietta
Sinfonietta for 10 winds and percussion Sinfonietta in Bb, K. 358, Bb major
Sinfonietta, op. 1 Sirhmrej
Sirocco Siuita septetui
Six aphorisms Six around and catch
Six Bagatelles Six bagatelles for clarinet and Piano
Six casual developments Six dances
Six dances old and new Six duets, op. 53
Six Duos, op.21 Six etudes
Six Folksong Studies, Set 1 Six Folksong Studies, Set 2
Six gaping beaks from Haiku kaleidoscope Six German Songs, Op. 103
Six Inventions Six Japanese songs
Six little fugues Six Mediterranean places
Six miniatures Six miniatures : for three players
Six Pieces D'Audition Six pieces for clarinet alone
Six pieces for woodwind quintet Six pieces musicales d'etude pour clarinette et Piano
Six poems from Tangled hair Six short inventions

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