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Clarinet Compositions
Revolution : for 9 instruments - Sappho fragments
Revolution : for 9 instruments Rhapsodic variations no. 2
Rhapsodie Rhapsodie fur Soloklarinette in B und Streichorchester
Rhapsodie orientale Rhapsody
Rhapsody (1983) Rhapsody (two themes with variations)
Rhapsody : (1987) Rhapsody : Two points on a circle
Rhapsody for Clarinet in A and Piano Rhapsody IV
Rhapsody No. 1 Rhapsody No. 13
Rhapsody to a manic-depressive Rhymes
Rhymes from the hill Rhythm of the running plough The
Ricercar Ricorrenze
Ricorso Riddley Walker
Rigmarole Rise up my love
Rite of passage Rites of passage
Ritmicas - two pieces Ritmo Indio
Ritmo jondo (flamenco) Ritmorroto
Ritual Ritual fragments
Ritual of the dawn River's edge
Road to Hamelin Robin in the rain : op. 7 no. 1
Rocco the rolling stone : a children's opera Rockin' pneumonia dodecapop
Rockman sketches Romance
Romance and scherzo for clarinet, viola and Piano Romance for clarinet and Piano
Romance from "The Merry Widow" Romancero
Romancero a la muerte de Federico Garcia Lorca Romances and metamorphoses
Romantic sonata Romantic soul
Romantic Synergy Romantica
Romanza Romanza : op. 2
Romanze , AV 61, Eb major Romanze in Bb Major
Rondell Rondo
Rondo Concertante for Two Solo Clarinets and Band Rondo for seven players
Rondo Variations Rosary songs, three poems of Georg Trakl, op. 9
Rose window Rosenkranzlieder, three poems of Georg Trakl, op. 9
Roses Ross Taylor Wind Quintets. 18 Arrangements
Rotae passionis Rotational arrays
Roumanian Dances Roumanian rhapsody, no. 1
Round Robin Roundelay
Rounds for three Rout
Rows garden Ru'akh Quintet
Rubaiyat Fragments Rumanian Whirling Dance
Ruminations Ruminations : Old lady's winter words
Runagate Runes
Running tune lullaby and march Rustic Dances
Ruth : oratorio Régi Magyar Táncok a 17. századból
Sailors' Hornpipe, Op. 14, No. 1 Saints preserve us; three "etudes-prieres" for solo clarinet
Salem Reel Salute to MGM
Salve Regina Salvos
Samba Same tired old changes
Samsara : a trio San Michele della laguna
San Zeno/Verona Sand II
Santa Lucia Santiago Legend
Sappho Sappho fragments

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