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Clarinet Compositions
Phantasirte Satz - Pound songs
Phantasirte Satz Phantasy on the motet Et in terra pax
Phantasy Suite, Op. 91 Phases, op. 36.
Phenomena Phi
Phi-lings Philifor honeycombed with childishness
Phoenix Rising Phos kai Iremos, ballet for ten instruments
Photo Photograph 1920
Phrase construction Phrases of the hermit thrush
Piano concerto Piano sextet
Piano trio no. 1, op. 25 Piano trio no. 4, op. 100
Picassoesque Piccolo divertimento no. 1; suite
Pictures at an Exhibition Piec kaprysow
Piece Piece de caractere
Piece en Forme de Habanera Piece en Sol Mineur
Piece en trio Piece for Clarinet "Alone"
Piece for clarinet and Piano Piece for clarinet and Piano op. 1a
Piece for Clarinet and Tape Piece for clarinets
Piece for eleven players : 1986 Piece for five players
Piece for Fourteen Instruments Piece for solo Oboe or clarinet and orchestra
Piece for Trumpet and 7 instruments Piece in three parts
Piece in two halves Piece, op.5, G minor
Pieces Pieces for instruments with prepared electronics
Pieces of eight Pied Piper
Pied Piper of Hamelin Pien
Pierrot Pierrot Lieder
Pierrot songs Pilgrimage
Pink Panther Pittsburgh concerto
Pizzicato Polka Plain language
Plaisanterie Plane dancing
Planesong : o. 1 Play us chastity on your violin
Play! no. 1 Players : a suite for dancers
Playground of the Winds Playing with fire : a concerto
Plaza polka - introduction fugue and coda PLC Extract
Plenitude Pocket-Size Sonata No. 1
Pocket-Size Sonata No. 2 Poco rococo : suite
Poem Poema
Poems from the East, op. 52 Poems of Wallace Stevens II
Poh-Ben Suite (3 jazz pieces) Points of departure I
Points of view Points-lines-circles
Polarity Polichromia
Polish caprice Polka from The golden age
Polnisches Capriccio Polonaise mit Introduktion, op. 25, F major
Polonaise with Introduction, op. 25, F major Polychromatic Diversions
Polychrome patterns Polychromy
Polyphonies Polyphony I
Ponder nothing Pop Goes the Weasel
Porgy and Bess Selections Portage
Portals Portrait
Portraits of my friends and others, nos. 1-5 Postcards
Postcards from the center Postcards from Vienna
Potpourri sur des themes de Winter, Op. 80 Pound songs

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