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Clarinet Compositions
Parody - Phaedra : music for the play by Richard Felnagle
Parody Part III
Parterre Parthia in D (Sonata No. 11)
Partita Partita #4
Partita a 8 Partita da chimera
Partita for Wind Quintet Partita in Eb
Partita no. 2 : 1. Overture Partita no. 3
Partita, no. 2, op. 78 Party pieces
Pas de deux Pas de deux, op. 56
Pas de quatre Pasquinade
Passacaglia Passacaglia [for] clarinet choir
Passacaglia and fugue Passacaglia in blue
Passacaille Passages
Passages for Seven Instruments Passages of the beast
Passarella Passing Fancies
Passing, passing, passing Passover offering ; chamber music; in five movements
Pastoral Pastoral Fantasy, Op. 59
Pastoral symphony Pastorale
Pastorale &x0026; hornpipe Pastorale and dance
Pastorale for clarinet alone Pastorale for clarinet and strings op. 1
Pastorale for quintet ensemble Pastorale for Woodwind Quintet
Pastorale mistico Pastorale Symphony, from The Messiah, HWV 56
Pastorale variee Pastorale, in F major, op.46
Pastorale, Op. 14, no. 1 Pastorale, Op. 21
Pastorale, op. 75 bis Pastorales
Patchwork Paterson songs
Pathways and untended variations for solo clarinet Patina
Patterns Patterns in blue
Pavana &x0026; Galliardo Pavana Italiana
Pavane (1976): Adolf Klarmann in memorium [sic] Pavane for a child not born : op. 1 no. 2
Pavane pour une Infante Defunte Pavane, op.50
Pavanne Peace (breathing)
Peg leg Pelnia lata
Pentad Pentaerophonia. Three Pieces
Pentagramm Pentagrams
Pentheus drag Penumbra
Pequena musica Peregi Verbunk, Op. 40 (Hungarian Dances)
Peregrinations Perelandra
Perimeters Periphony no. 2 : op. 63
Periphony, op. 54 Permutation seven
Permutazione a 5 Perne in a gyre
Perpetuum Mobile Persona
Personae Personas
Perspectives Peruvian Inca melodies
Pessoa - Moment Pessoa I
Peter and the Wolf Peter Quince at the clavier
Petit Piece Petit Quatuor
Petite suite Petite suite 1
Petite suite 2 Petite suite : four short studies in 12-tone composition
Petite Suite Gauloise, Op.90 Petite suite pastorale
Petroushskates Phaedra : music for the play by Richard Felnagle

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