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Clarinet Compositions
Of the wing of madness - Parodies
Of the wing of madness Of visions and truth : a song cycle
Offrande Oggi - op. 9
Oh, sun, sing! Okefenokee
Oktett, D. 803, op. l66 Oktoechos
Oktoechos : concerto for octet and orchestra Old Hungarian Dances the 17th Century
Olympia's Aria from Tales of Hoffman Omaggio della ditta no. 1
Omtrent een Componistenactie On BEing still - on the 8th
On cannibals On Chestnut Ridge
On mourning for the dead On seven-star-shoes
On shooting stars : homage to Victor Jara On talking
On the contrary On the way to Seville
On trial : concerto On two ancient texts
Once upon a time One last dance
One morning One on One
One wreathing One, two, buckle my shoe
Oneiros = The dream Ontogenesis
Onute yuskaite Op. 2 in Eb
Op. 4 in C Op. 43, No. 14
Op. 7 in D Open/close
Options II Opus #2 revisited
Opus Number Zoo Ora pronobis [sic]
Orchestral excerpts from the symphonic repertoire for clarinet in four volumes Order fragments mirrors
Ordnance survey; seven pieces mapped Oriental Reverie
Orientale Orphic hymns of night
Ossia Oswego set : op. 43
Ou allez-vous? Out of the friendly fire
Outdoor Suite Outgrowths of a wind quintet
Outside insights Ouverture No. 5
Ouverture, from The Music for the Royal Fireworks, HWV 351 Ouvrage de Dame
Over and out Over the sea
Overture and two movements for three Overture for clarinet op. 34
Overture on Hebrew themes, op. 34 Overture to the Pirates of Penzance
Overture, from the Messiah, HWV 56 Paean for an endangered planet
Pagan piper Paganiana
Painted windows Paintings #4 : Magical visions
Paintings #6 To hear the light dancing : a chamber concerto Paintings no. 2
Pairs Palatine songs
Palindromes 2: Version for Six Instruments Panda dances : wind quintet no. 3
Pandora's box : a children's opera in one act : op. 6 Panels IV
Pantomime Pantomime for Wind Quintet
Paolo and Virginia Parable of the blind
Parable, Op. 126 Parade
Parade, op. 51, no. 2 Paradise gardens
Paradise out of focus Parajota delate
Parallax Parallel worlds
Paramell VI Paraphrase on the dramatic madrigal "Il combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda" by Claudio Monteverdi, op.28
Paraphrase, op. 26 Paraphrases
Paraphrases and cadenzas Parcel
Paremboles Parent terrain
Paris 1987 Parodies

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