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Clarinet Compositions
Allegro Vivace (First Movement from String Quartet K. 387) - Arghoul 5
Allegro Vivace (First Movement from String Quartet K. 387) Alleluia
Almagest Almost twelve
Alone together Along a rocky path
Along the way Alpbachquintet, Op. 180
Alpenlandische Spielmusik II : 9 kleine Stucke Alpha libri
Alte Liebeslieder Alternances
Amazon [no. 1] Ambages, op. 29
Amber glass: four songs of Thomas Merton Ame no jumon
America's Stein's America [revised version] American (day) dreams : five scenes and an epilogue
American Standard Amnesia breaks
Among the gods An Adventure At Grannie's : a fable
An Angry darkness An Assortment of Time
An autumn flowering - a symphony in three movements An elder's hocket
An English diversion An Entertainment
An Evening piece : divertimento An old bridge
Anachronisms Anacoluthon; a confluence
Anacreon and Anacreontics : song cycle Anagrams
Ancient eyes : Egyptian lullaby Ancient Greek melodies
And dawns tangled in darkness And the instruments shall also dance
And they shall reign for ever And yet again
Andante Andante "Paukenschlagsymphonie"
Andante and allegro Andante and variations
Andante con moto, from Symphony No. 4, Op. 90 "Italian" Symphony Andante con variazioni
Andante et allegro, op. 95 Andante extrait d'un Trio inacheve
Andante und Variationen Andante, K. 616, F major
Andantino Lento, from Terzetto for Violins &x0026; Cello, Op. 54 No. 3 Andantino Pastorale
Andantino, Op. 30, No. 1 Androcles and the lion
Anecdote of the jar Ange de flamme et de glace = Angel of flame and ice
Anima Animus - III
Anise set Anita's dance
Another heavenly day : 1989-90 Another look at October
Another order of cat Another silly love song
Ansias Antiche Danze Ungheresi del XVII secolo
Antiphon #1 Antiphon #2
Antiphonae no. 2 Antiphonals
Antiphony Antiphony one
Apache Clown Dance Apeneck Sweeny
Apercu Aphierosis
Aphrodite cantos Apogee
Apogee three Apres moi le sommeil
Aquarelle Arabesken, kleines Trio, op. 73
Arabesque Arabesque for Bb clarinet and Piano
Arabesque for flute 2 clar Piano 2 violins (or vln &x0026; ... Arabesque for four Bb clarinets
Arabesque II for fl 2 clar violin viola Cello (+ bass Piano) Arabesque No. 1
Arabesque, op. 24 Arabesques
Arabesques for clarinet and Piano op. 98 Arbeau suite
Arcanum Arch
Archipelago Argentine
Arghoul 1 Arghoul 2
Arghoul 4 Arghoul 5

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