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Clarinet Compositions
Ningana - Of Rome parting and spring
Ningana No end to stand on
No more No strings
No time like this time No. 12 Alla Hornpipe, from the Water Music, Suite 2, HWV 349
No. 5, from the Water Music, Suite 1, HWV 348 No. 6 Air, from the Water Music, Suite 1, HWV 348
No. 7 Minuet, from The Water Music, Suite 1, HWV 348 No. 7, Bei Mannern, Duet from "The Magic Flute"
Noah's rhythm Nocturnal Blue
Nocturne Nocturne (Part of Contemporary French Recital Pieces)
Nocturne : The Battenkill at Arlington Nocturne for bass clarinet and Piano
Nocturne for Bb clarinet and Piano Nocturne for brass instruments
Nocturne for clarinet and Piano Nocturne for clarinet and violoncello
Nocturne for four voices; a chamber cantata Nocturne for woodwind quintet
Nocturne no. 2, F major Nocturne, op. 11
Nocturne, op. 26 Nocturnes
Nocturnes &x0026; cadenzas, op. 53 Nocturnes of the inferno
Nodus Non confundar gambah
Non Piu di Fiori Nonet
Nonet for wind quintet and string quartet Nonet for winds and strings
Nonet, op. 139, Eb major Nonet-variations
Noon dances Noon flame : op. 90
North/South Music Northern lights electric
Norwegian Dances, Op. 35 Norwich chorale
Nostos Not now
Not Satie Notations on a sensitized plate
Notebook Notes from captivity : op. 38
Nothing abides : five songs and five dissolutions Nothing but love songs
Notions Nottinsonni
Notturno Notturno for chamber ensemble
Notturno, op. 106 Nova
Novara Nove : Jan. 1963
Novelette Novelties
Nuit blanche numaSALami
Nutcracker Suite for Woodwind Quintet &x0026; Piano (ad. lib.) Nutcracker variations
O Canada O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
O primavera : vernal fantasy O'eros
O, o, o, o, that Shakespeherian rag; Oasis
Objets trouves Oboe, Clarinet in Bb, Bass Clarinet, Trumpet in Bb, Trombone
Occasional notes : Suite Occasional Postcards
Octagon Octandre
Octet Octet for wind instruments
Octet for winds Octet for winds and strings
Octet for woodwinds Octet in Eb, Op. 103
Octet, op. 12, Bb major Octet, op. 128, Ab major
Octet, op. 30 Octet, op. 33
Octet, op. 4 Octet, op. 96, Eb major
Octett Octett, op. 32, E major
Octogons Octoot for wind instruments
Octopus Ode
Ode to Ephesus : op. 99 Odyle
Odyssey : op. 55 Of dreams and nightmares
Of masks and mirrors Of Rome parting and spring

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