The Title Index Page
Clarinet Compositions
Liberata 1 - March Past of the Corcoran Cadets
Liberata 1 Liberty Bell
Libra Lied
Lieder auf der Flucht Lietuviskos idilijos
Life Ligatures
Light after light Limericks
Lin (Approach) Line drawings
Line studies Lines
Lines to the sea - op. 17 Linguistics : 4 poems by Robert Kelly
Linoi Liquid shapes
Listen with your feet Litany, opus 64
Little overture from Max and Moritz Little serenade
Little suite Little suite for winter
Little suite, op. 28 Little Variations
Little variations over a spring-song Little Venice
Live III Live oak
Liza Local tempest
Longing for the emperor; 5 songs on old Japanese texts Longings
Lontanamente Los jibaros progresistas : a Puerto Rican folk opera
Lost and wandering Lost in legends
Lost lands Lotus of the heart
Love and pity, op. 31 Love at war with time - song cycle
Love letters Love lyrics
Love of line of light and shadow Love song
Lovers : a song cycle of poems by Sir John Suckling Loves : a song cycle
Lovescapes Lovottiana
Low Lucerniana
Lucifer's choice : a chamber opera Ludus : chamber concerto for ten instruments
Ludus II : variations and a chorale Lullaby
Lullaby for the Millennium Lullby [and] Grave song
Lumen Luminos : op. 16a
Lunar Maria Lures of antiquity
Lyric Lyric intermezzo
Lyric piece Lyric quartet
Lyric suite Lyric waltz suite; essays in the poetic and lyric aspects of the waltz
Lyrical movement Lyrical piece
Märchenerzählungen, op. 132 Ma Mere L'oye (Mother Goose Suite)
Macchu Picchu Macula Matris
Mad Book, Shadow Book: Michael Morley's Songs Madam Noy
Madrigal 1 Madrigal 3
Madrone Magnetic Variations
Magyar jelenetek Magyar szerzok klarinetdarabjai
Maiden's song : from St. Winefred's well Major compositions for 1993 - Composition #6
Makimono No. 1 Mala suita
Malaguena Man a plan a canal - A Panama : four North/South palindromes
Mana, op. 117 Manadnock cadenzas &x0026; variations
Manel xochitl manel cuicatl-- Manhattan diaries : book I : Only from a dream
Mantra for Clarinet Maps of heaven
March March for Daniel : op. 15b
March for Marty March for the Prince of Wales
March in C Major, K.V. 408, No. 1 March Past of the Corcoran Cadets

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