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Clarinet Compositions
Improvisazioni - Italian songs
Improvisazioni In a Dream
In aeternum : consortium IV In deference to the king
In der Nacht In double light
In eius memoriam In February
In flight diary (airport lobsters) In Freundschaft (In friendship), Werk 46 4/5
In Memoriam In memoriam : a metaphysical psychological drama for soprano and instruments on a text by the composers
In memoriam, Igor Stravinsky In opera's shadow
In Praise of Lofty Intellect In remembrance of : [op. 38]
In search of In simple time
In the Aeolian mode In the labyrinth of Daedalus
In the night fields In the place of tears
In the storm : four songs In their
In wildness is the preservation of the earth Incantation
Incantations of Mephistopheles : op. 39 Incident and Consequences
Incubus Indian legend
Indigenous instruments Indigenous music II
Infinite ocean of force Infinities thirteen; quartet for eight instruments
Infinity Inscape
Inscription Intarsien
Intensities : five etudes Inter nos
Interactions Interchange
Intermezzi Intermezzo
Intermezzo [for] clarinet and Piano op. 1 Intermezzo, Op. 24
Interpolation Interpolations
Interrupted suite Interruptions
Intersections Intimations
Into eclipse : five arias Into light
Intrada Intricacies : Op. 24
Introduction and allegro Introduction and Allegro Apassionato, Op. 256
Introduction and concertante, op. 58 Introduction and Dance
Introduction and divertimento Introduction and fugue
Introduction and Rondo Introduction and scherzo, op. 12, for clarinet in 1/4 tone
Introduction and Three Episodes Introduction et rondo, op. 72
Introduction et valse Introduction und Variationen, op. 128, Bb major
Introduction, cadenzas, and interludes; for eight players Introduction, Theme and Variation
Introduction, Theme, and Variations Introductions and parodies
Introduktion und Aria Introduktion und Variationen uber ein schwedisches Lied, op. 12
Introduktion, Thema und Variationen Introit / White plains black rock
Introspections and allegories Inventio
Invention Invention a trois voix
Invention I Inventions
Inventions and airs Inventions and interludes
Inventions on the Summer Solstice Invisible mosaic
Invocation : op. 53 Invocation and dance
Invocazioni Inward and outward bound
Io Ion, the rhapsode
Iron balconies and lilies Island prelude -or- Concerto for Solo Oboe And Woodwind Quartet
Islands : a chamber concerto Isochronisms no. 1
It figures It's either a song or a dance
Italian Girl in Algiers Overture Italian songs

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