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Clarinet Compositions
Divertimenti, K. 439b (Anh. 229, 229a), no. 4 - Drei Fantasien, nach Cavatinen von Rossini, op. 27
Divertimenti, K. 439b (Anh. 229, 229a), no. 4 Divertimenti, op. 58
Divertimento Divertimento "Famous Couples"
Divertimento a sette = Divertimento for seven Divertimento dell'incertezza
Divertimento for 5 winds Divertimento for clarinet horn and bassoon
Divertimento for five winds Divertimento for flute clarinet bassoon Trumpet and percussion
Divertimento for four clarinets Divertimento for Piano 14 winds and tympani
Divertimento for Piano, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Horn &x0026; Bassoon, Op. 51 Divertimento for six instruments
Divertimento for woodwind quartet Divertimento for woodwind quintet
Divertimento fur Klavier, Klarinette, Viola und ViolonCello Divertimento II
Divertimento in C (Man and wife), H. II, 11 Divertimento in Eb Major, K. 242
Divertimento in re minore, D minor Divertimento No. 16 in Eb Major
Divertimento no. 2 Divertimento no. 3 in five movements
Divertimento No.1 in Bb Divertimento su sei canzoni
Divertimento, for flute, Oboe, clarinet and bassoon Divertimento, na flet, oboj, klarnet i fagot
Divertimento, op. 12 Divertimento, op. 18 no. 1
Divertimento, Op. 26b Divertimento, op. 32
Divertimento, Op. 37 Divertimento, Op. 4
Divertimento, op. 6 Divertimento, op. 61, no. 5
Divertimento, op.19 Divertisement
Divertissement Divertissement Aspenoi
Divertissement en Trois Parties Divertissement for clarinet, violin, and cello
Divertissement for wind quintet Divertissement sur L'homme arme
Divertissement, op. 6 Divertissement, opus 107
Divertissements Dix-Sept Variations, Op. 22
Dixieland concerto Dolly Suite. Op. 56
Dolphinia Domains I, op. 29
Domains III : for four groups of instruments Dominions: for Piano and 13 Players
Domino effect Doppelkonzert, Bb major, op. 63
Doppelkonzert, op. 88, E minor Dos piezas
Double concerto Double concerto for horn and Timpani
Double duo Double Fugue
Double helix Double Quartet
Double quintet : opus 20 Double quintet for woodwinds and brass
Double sonata for clarinet and Bass Clarinet Double take
Double trios Double-fugue
Double-talk Doubles; A game-piece for two teams (Clarinet and Bassoon vs. Viola and Contrabass
Downtown blues for uptown halls Drag and run
Dragon Music Drama for orchestra
Dramatic and Lyric Dialogues Dramma per fiati
Drastic Measures Drawings; set no. 3
Dream in dream Dream Tracks
Dream's end Dreaming the wild spirit-wind dance : a concerto
Dreamlines Dreams
Dreams sequence Dreams within dreams : a concerto
Dreamscape Dreamscapes
Dreamtime Dreamwinds
Drei Duos Drei Duos : für zwei Klarinetten, op. 10
Drei Duos, op. 14 Drei Duos, op. 19
Drei Duos, op. 21 Drei Duos: C-dur, F-dur, B-dur; fur Klarinette in B und Fagott
Drei Etuden (Three etudes) Drei Fantasien, nach Cavatinen von Rossini, op. 27

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