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Clarinet Compositions
Continum vacuum residum - Darksong
Continum vacuum residum Continuum
Contiquere omnes Contours
Contra mortem et tempus Contractions
Contradiction please! Contradictions
Contraption Contrasts
Contrasts II Controverse
Convergence Conversations for Clarinet and Piano
Conversations with myself Conversations, op. 44
Conversations: Op. 70 Cordillera central : 5 tonalides de verde : theme &x0026; variations
Corky's clock Corpus Christi carol, op. 5
Corrente for Oboe, clarinet and bassoon Corydon suite
Cosmic landscape Cottonwood pass
Counterpoint no. 1 Counterpoints &x0026; events
Country tunes : 9 short dances Courante
Courtship dances : op. 52 Covenant
Craftsbury Trio Crane songs
Crasis Crayons
Creed = Credimus Crossing Over
Crossing the meridian Crossplay
Crossroads Alley Trio Crucifixus
Cruikshank fantasy CrusT
Crystalline structures Cumbia
Curious game Current
Currents Currents for clarinet trio
Curtain raiser Curve away from stillness
Cybernetic study no. 2 Cycles : a musical entertainment
Cyclic celebration Cygnids
Cyrene, Op. 88 D'un Troubador...
Da Lontano, Op. 32 Daburu toku
Daguerreotypes Daily Exercises for Clarinet
Dal niente (Interieur III) Dance concerto
Dance episodes Dance from the interior
Dance music Dance of the ballerina from Petroushka
Dance of the Blessed Spirits Dance of the parody electric
Dance of the princesses from "The Fire-bird" Dance of the shapes &x0026; Dance of the island : 2 dances
Dance Preludes Dance Scherzo
Dance set Dance suite a burlesque for clarinet and Piano
Dance Variations Dance-prelude
Dances : divertimento for wind quintet and percussion Dances and canons
Dances and interludes Dances and obessions
Dances and Songs of Change Dances for three
Dances from Casterbridge Dances in time
Dancing at the Pink House for clarinet and piano Dancing music : a concerto for twelve players
Dancing solo Dandelion days; set
Dandelion wine Dans un temps sombre
Danse macabre Danse Russe - Trepak from The Nutcracker
Danses Bulgares, Op. 103 (Six Bulgarian folk dances) Darest thou now O soul
Dark Mirror Dark romance
Dark timbres Darkened corners : a fantasy for chamber ensemble
Darkness to day Darksong

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